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UWA BLOGS is a digital platform that allows UWA staff and students design their stunning websites in minutes. Now each of us has the power to create educational content in a visually engaging way whether it is a personal or organisational website, blog, digital web-assignment or an e-portfolio. UWA Blogs empowers you to express your vision and share it with your selected community or the entire world in a safe and professional way.

Easy to join

There are two ways you can join UWA Blogs and both start with hitting the ‘get a website now‘ button. In the first case, you can chose to register as a user to view and participate in websites created by others. This is a useful option when you are invited to join someone’s weblog. Secondly, you can register and setup your first own website in less than a minute. This is a good option if you want to create your own websites for individual or group projects where you are the main administrator.

Easy to use

Creating your own website has never been so easy. UWA Blogs is powered by WordPress, the absolute industry standard for webdesign but you don’t need to be a web designer to create state-of-the-art websites. With UWA Blogs you can simply pick one of the 300 stunning website themes and populate it with your content or you can design your own website entirely from scratch – there are no limits to your creativity. The navigation is simple and intuitive but if you get lost check the SUPPORT page for help.


Empowering, engaging and mind opening – that’s how students describe the impact of using UWA blogs in class as an assignment tool. See the video to learn about students’ blogging experience in one of the units (EMPL3301 Globalisation and Work, UWA Business School) that used UWA Blogs to improve student satisfaction with teaching and learning.


New Look

UWA Blogs will get a new face image (long overdue)! In the end UWA Blogs is UWA’s most powerful digital media creation tool available to all staff and students. We all can co-create our education and now we can do it with a creative flair! No more boring pages...

Learn from our students!

Our students are great! Innovative, creative and critical of the world around them. What happens when you give them the tool (UWA Blogs) to create media platforms? They’ll surprise you with stunning design and engaging content written from fresh perspectives....

UWA BLOGS keep growing

Our blogs are becoming more and more popular among our staff and students and that’s without much advertisement – word of mouth. We received a seed funding early this year and grew a strong plant out of it. The year is still not over, though. Every day...



First Steps

UWA Blogs is easy to use but you need to follow a few steps to start using it properly. Here you will get the support you need to start weblogging.

There are two options for you to start with UWA Blogs:

  1. Become a user only to see and participate in weblogs created by others.
  2. Become a user and register your own first website.


User Guide

If you get lost please check the comprehensive user guide provided by Edublogs.


If you still find no answers, just ask Andrzej: andrzej.gwizdalski@uwa.edu.au

Andrzej offers regular workshops on using UWA blogs. Please check the NEWS page for announcements.

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