Scholarship Opportunities!

    For the vast majority of us, the excitement of applying to university comes hand in hand with financial worries. Although going to university is certainly a worthwhile investment, it is also a considerably large one.

    There is far more to it than just course fees. Accomodation, especially on-campus accomodation, is rarely cheap, and textbooks are often exorbitantly priced. Furthermore, when estimating the potential total cost of university, students frequently fail to take into account the cost of transport, study materials and the various other expenses that may come up, such as the Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) that most universities charge.

    However, there is no need to resign yourself to scraping the bottom of your bank account just yet. Winning a scholarship can make it so much easier for you to attend the university of your dreams, and there are more opportunities out there than most people think. It is often just a question of knowing where to look.

    One competition format involves the applicants writing essays. The writer of the best essay is offered scholarship money. This competition style is more common in USA, but while I was browsing the Midwestern State University website ( ) I saw some scholarship opportunities for Australian citizens being advertised.

   Smart Cleaning Solutions (, an Australian commercial cleaning company, is offering five hundred dollars as prize money to the the winner of their essay writing contest. The purpose is to endorse the education of the next generation of “leaders and entrepreneurs”. The eligibility requirements of the contest are quite broad. It is open to all Australian citizens in “good academic standing” who have been accepted to university or who are currently enrolled in an accredited high school. Participants must provide evidence that they meet the above criteria when they submit their essay.

    The essay itself should be a response to one of the two prompts provided by Smart Cleaning Solutions. Its length can range from 1,200 words to 1,500 words. It will be judged based on “creativity, originality and quality”. The deadline is the 1st of May, 2019. You can read the specifics of the contest at

    The other available scholarship is also for five hundred dollars. The prize money is being offered by Stuart Hayes (, a leadership coach who works directly with business owners and CEOs, teaching them how to improve their managerial style. He is offering the money to promote the higher education of “rising students in the business arena”.

    The eligibility requirements are the same as for the Smart Cleaning Solutions competition. The essay length is only 1000 words, and it is also due on the 1st of May, 2019. More details are provided at this link (

    These are both excellent opportunities for Australian students. I strongly encourage everybody who fits the criteria to apply for both of these scholarships. Even unsuccessful candidates will benefit, since just participating in these contests is a good chance to practice essay-writing – and honing your essay-writing skills before university is an absolute must.

    Unfortunately, many students seem to feel that applying for scholarships is an exercise in futility, since there is bound to be a better candidate. This ( is a link to quite a comprehensive list of scholarship databases. Look closely at all the resources out there, and don’t let self-doubt let you miss out on golden opportunities to alleviate the financial pressure of higher education!

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