Technology is having a play in nearly everything we do in 2019. There are people all over the world changing the way they communicate, work, shop and do just about anything else. Overall, technology is changing how we do everything, including how we experience life. Here are 5 major ways technology is changing our experiences every day:

  1. We Can Experience More Things Than Ever

Before technology, things weren’t shared as much. There was less of a desire to go out and do things because we weren’t seeing the crazy experiences others were having. Technology comes with over sharing, which also has lead to an increase in “FOMO”—the fear of missing out.

This isn’t a bad thing though because now humans can skydive with ease or experience race car driving. These activities might not have been as readily available without the development of technology. Technology helps humans move faster, share experiences and branch out.

  1. We Can Document Our Experiences More

This feeds into the amount of experiences we can have and watch. Social media allows us to see the parts of the world out there that we want to experience. This is a part of technology that can allow us to assert ourselves in our own lives and take chances. We can make a personal footprint online and have the ability to aggregate our experiences in so many different ways. Content creation is getting better and better by users.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are changing the way we use our stream of consciousness. There is a whole new way to scrapbook that takes little effort and is as easy to use as clicking “share.”

  1. There is a Whole New Need for Continuously Evolving Entertainment

Humans are constantly getting excited about certain social media sites or channels, then become captivated by the next big thing. This means there is a need in the technology market for knowing what users want before they even know. Tech and social media sites are competing for clicks and views, so the content is becoming better and better. This is causing the entertainment industry to change and cater to the push of technology.

  1. We Can See What Almost Anyone in the World is Doing

The craziest part about technology is that it allows for social media, virtual reality and journalism to be spread everywhere. This makes it so that humans can experience anything with a simple Google search. It is making robots and humans smarter and smarter as technology progresses. 

  1. It is Changing the Way Companies Market Experiences

Marketing has shifted as well. There are influencers posting branded content that charge anywhere from $100 to $1,000 and more a post. Money for marketing budgets is almost all being entirely allocated to the technological platforms. People are seeing nearly all of their ads on the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising. Billboards are dying, as well as print ads—thanks to technology.