Buying a home is an exciting time. If the goal of purchasing that home is to renovate it, then it is also an challenging, even uncertain time. What many new homeowners do not realise is that renovations do not have to break the bank. Sometimes, a few tweaks are all it takes to revitalise a home. The household industry is ripe with fixer upper properties, and renovating can be one of the most rewarding experiences that one can undertake. Renovations are never something to take lightly, as every change and addition costs time and money.

While renovating can seem like a cheap alternative to buying brand new, it is also important to consider the hidden costs that could jump out of the blue. Anything from faulty electrical wiring to collapsing roofs may seem like a small cost, but it often expands to become one giant black hole of money and time. Once you have done all the selective work and chosen your property, however, that is when the real fun begins. Some people are not ready to do an entire renovation straight away, and that is more than okay. There are three tweaks that can liven up the home without having to cost your entire life savings mere months into owning the property.

Renovate the bathrooms and kitchens

This might seem like an expensive “tweak”, but if you are only going to have enough money to renovate one or two rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom should be the rooms that you opt for. These two spaces in the home offer the biggest return on investment (ROI). In terms of bathroom renovations, something simple like switching out the fixtures – including the bathroom taps and shower head – for more modern, stylish fixtures can make all the difference.

As for the kitchen, the first thing to go should be the old appliances. Replacing the kitchen appliances with new ones makes the space feel modern and high-tech. Additionally, aim to buy matching appliances where possible, because this creates a collective look of stylistic grace and modernity. Having all the appliances be the same colour scheme or brand (or better yet, both) makes the kitchen look cleaner and less cluttered.

Focus on landscaping and curb appeal

An area of the home that often goes without attention (at least in the beginning) is the landscaping and the exterior of the home. Many times in the household industry have homeowners spent all their time and money on the interior of the home, only to realise that the outside of the property needed just as much – if not more – attention. The exterior is what your neighbours (and passers-by) see, so putting in the effort to make it beautiful will pay off.

Reshape the floorplan

Old houses tend to look and feel boxed in and clammy. This is a common occurrence because old houses were designed to the style of their day. These days, modern homeowners love open spaces and they expect and want their living spaces to mimic this ideal. Knocking out some walls, widening entry points, or adding in bigger, sleeker windows are all fantastic ways to make the home feel bigger and more spacious.