Our students are great! Innovative, creative and critical of the world around them.

What happens when you give them the tool (UWA Blogs) to create media platforms? They’ll surprise you with stunning design and engaging content written from fresh perspectives. Just check out these media and learn from our students.

If you are bored with reading the same media try alternative voices and see what the world may look like when mediated by our soon-to-be grad students. You may enjoy seeing and hearing strong voices of often under-represented groups.

Please feel free to leave comments at the end of articles:

PANDA DOWN UNDER – A guide to Australia for Chinese students – packed with useful tips (not only for Chinese students): http://blogs.uwa.edu.au/pandadownunder

WONDERMENT – women’s perspective on politics, culture and society in the context of Australian and Asian relations: http://blogs.uwa.edu.au/wonderment

FOOTPRINT – a handy guide for traveling the world safely, freely and independently: for girls by girls http://blogs.uwa.edu.au/footprint

AUSTRALIAN CULTURAL APPRECIATION – knowing Australia’s contemporary arts and culture: http://blogs.uwa.edu.au/australianculturalappreciation

FOR THE RECORD – alternative news with an edge for students and by students: http://blogs.uwa.edu.au/fortherecord

CONSULPEDIA – useful tips for Australian and Chinese business relations: http://blogs.uwa.edu.au/consulpedia


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