Blockchain Technologies Knowledge Network

BTKN @UWA is an independent blockchain hub for research, education and community engagement. Est in 2018 and part of by Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski


BUSN5001 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Business started by Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski at UWA is one of the first comprehensive master level units on blockchain in business in Australia. Our happy BUSN5001 alumni form a growing globally connected community. Ask Andrzej for further education options including micro-credentials, grad certificate and a full master program in blockchain.  


We bring blockchain knowledge to communities who cannot join our formal university education and research. Public lectures and social impact enterprise assistance promoting diversity and inclusion are our specialty. 


We aspire to make a difference in the world and engage in applied research projects that solve real problems for businesses, communities and governments. Tell us about your challenges and we’ll respond with a research-based solution.  


BUSN5001 Meetup 7 April 2022

Thanks for all the interest and requests for a meetup to address employment opportunities for BUSN5001 graduates. Those who know how please get in touch via our online networks and others can see me at UWA Business School, Thu 7 April 2022 at 10am. The industry is...

Bitcoin Halving 2020

This is the third Bitcoin halving 11 or 12 May (depending where you are in the world) 2020. A very special day: Please watch the event with some of the most knowledgable Bitcoiners in this unique stream by Tone Vays:

Is the mining industry ready for blockchain?

Blockchain is a buzzword and there are hundereds of 'snake oil' sellers, self-made blockchain advisers and even established tech corporations selling no more but 'bullshit' to naive customers. Don't be one of them. Check out this publication in  The Australian...

Understanding Bitcoin Conference – must see

If you are a non-technical and non-developer level enthusiast of Bitcoin and want to learn from leading Bitcoin experts everything about how  Bitcoin technologies work and how to use them (e.g. set up your node, wallet, mining and more) you must see Understanding...