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Who we are

Consulpedia is your first step in expanding your business to the Chinese market. Globalization is a tricky concept and there is so much information available about what to do first. Our online magazine and portal aims to give as much reliable and accurate information as possible for your company to help in your endeavours. Our team have a lot of experience in small businesses and globalization and are passionate about writing about these topics.

Looking to expand to the Chinese markets? Consulpedia can help

An Australian-based business magazine, Consulpedia is a specialised contemporary company that provides quality articles which aim to accompany, support, and equip small businesses to seize the potential of  their organisation on an international scale. It can be daunting for small businesses to expand into unknown markets, and the research takes time, knowledge and resources. We’re here to do the hard work for you and give you a headstart in giving you a foothold in the Chinese economy.

We dedicate our time to market research to gather all the possible high-quality information out there, hoping to ease the process of international expansion. We believe that cross-cultural communications are imperative in this ever changing world, and so Consulpedia provides simplified yet comprehensive and resourceful articles about a wide range of topics for the benefit of small businesses. From tax, human resources, translation, cultures, religions and more; we aim to provide everything to assist you in this process.

The Chinese Market’s Opportunities & Challenges

Cultural differences and government regulations can be tricky for those who want to expand their business in Asia. This interactive digital magazine will provide small businesses everything that needs to be known before and during their expansion to Asia and specifically China, our biggest business partner. Emerging markets in Asia present significant growth opportunities for small business, yet it is without a doubt that there are also many challenges if one wants to expand abroad.

Propelling Small Businesses Towards New Horizons

Consulpedia is a small team of people passionate about the study of business who aim to thrive on a global scale. We believe that any one willing to expand their business can do it, if they’re armed with the right information. We take our job very seriously and want to provide you with the most reliable, accurate and up to date information to reach your goal. Our thirst for knowledge, commitment and optimism brought us together, with one unanimous goal: to help small businesses in their quest for expansion into the Asian market.

Why we do what we do

We here at Consulpedia are incredibly passionate about small businesses, start ups and globalization. We’re a not for profit company so we’re not paid for our team. You can rest assured that we do this because we love it and we want to share our knowledge with the world.

Our mission

To provide our readers with accurate, reliable and up to date information that provides an insight into the workings of small businesses, globalization and the cultural challenges of breaking into the Asian market.

Meet the team

12717390_10153991682744901_5245241060851070958_nSam Cochrane

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

With the idea of wanting to share his knowledge and experience with the world, Sam began writing and blogging about his experience with small businesses and globalization. The visionary, leader, diplomat, psychologist, problem-solver and founder of this high-end business magazine, Sam Cochrane is responsible for Consulpedia’s overall operations and performance.








Danielle Scott

Director of Research & Information/Publisher

Danielle leads and oversees Consulpedia’s prospect and research function and undertakes thorough investigation in Asia-Australian markets. Her exemplary work in the field enables Consulpedia to publish many insightful articles. With a wealth of experience in small business management and information systems, Consulpedia is privileged to have Danielle on the team.





Tianfei Ren

External Relations Director/Publisher

Originally from Hangzhou, China, Tianfei is the proactive creator of Consulpedia’s identity. She is working closely with the Director of Research and the Head Of Communications, PR & Marketing to oversee the writing and editing of articles to report, and advertising to create external communications which ensure a consistent brand identity and message. Over the last few years, Tianfei has developed business relations with both Asian and Australian’s journalists, public officials, government regulators, and investors to maintain the company’s reputation, while paving the way for future business partnerships and opportunities.

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Gabrielle McGregor

Head of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

Responsible for planning, developing and implementing of all of Consulpedia’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relation activities in Australia as well as in Asia. Gabrielle is in charge of the development and the implementation of the magazine’s communication plan, which encompasses marketing, communications and public relations. She is the one that strategically coordinates the many functions of Consulpedia.


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