Research awards all round!

The School of Earth and Environment was well represented at the UWA Vice-Chancellor’s Research Awards which were presented as a part of UWA Research Week.

UWA Vice-Chancellor Paul Johnson
Head of School Matthew Tonts with award winners EJ Holden, Paul Plummer and Matt Hipsey

From the Geographical, Environmental and Soil Sciences Division, Dr Matt Hipsey received a Mid-Career Research Award and Professor Paul Plummer received a Senior Research Award. From the Geosciences Division, the Geodata Algorithms Team won the much-coveted UWA Vice-Chancellor’s Research Award in Impact and Innovation for 2015.

Geodata Algorithms Team: (from the left) Peter Kovesi, David Nathan, Eun-Jung Holden, Jason Wong, Daniel Wedge, Tom Horrocks

The team led by A/Prof Eun-Jung Holden includes Dr. Daniel Wedge, Dr. Jason Wong, Adj. Prof. Peter Kovesi, Prof. Mike Dentith, Mr. Tom Horrocks and Mr. David Nathan. Equipped with a strong capability in computational algorithms design and implementation, the team built expertise in understanding the nature of geodata and their use in industry workflows by collaborating with geoscientists in academia and industry. The uniqueness of this team is in the ability to span the boundaries of computational science and geoscience and the boundaries of academia and industry.

The Geodata Algorithms Team works closely with industry partners such as Geological Survey of Western Australia and Rio Tinto to develop innovative geodata analytics methods. They include interactive visualisation and intelligent interpretation support tool for exploration data; and mine efficiency focused drill hole data analysis and integration methods.

The team successfully commercialised outcomes of collaborative research with industry in three data analytics software products: CET Grid Analysis and CET Porphyry Detection extensions for Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj, an industry standard geophysical data analysis platform for mineral exploration; Image and Structure Interpretation module for Advanced Logic Technology’s Wellcad, a widely used televiewer image analysis platform for mineral and petroleum industries.

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