10 Common Fears That Stop You From Travelling Solo

The very first trip I ever embarked on alone was the year after I finished high school. I was 17, wildly optimistic and extremely excited about finally getting a chance to go back to a country I had previously fallen in love with, Nepal. While my trip was one of amazing experience, which had encompassed both service work and cultural immersion, looking back, I think I could have potentially gotten more out of my trip, and also avoided a lot of pain, by being more prepared.

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Specifically, I wish I had been more researched in understanding the culture I would be immersed in (rather than the one I had built up in my head.) This would have prepared me to understand the cultural customs I would be living in for 5 months, and very basic things like no matter how many times I washed my vegetables, eating them raw would almost always make me sick. While I really did have to learn these things the hard way, you don’t! Above is the link to an article by Kristin Addis, a highly seasoned solo female traveller, exploring and unpacking the “10 common fears that stop you from travelling solo”. We particularly enjoyed her focus on understanding the cultures in which you travel, and immersing yourself in the moment to avoid homesickness and gain the most from your experiences. Happy reading and Namaste 🙂

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10 Common Fears That Stop You from Traveling Solo


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