6 Smart Packing Tips to Travel Light in China

Howdy, girls? Have a place in mind and ready to be on your trip? Don’t rush, you need to pack first.

I know it’s a bit annoying, but when it comes to traveling in China… just pack light and go!!

I promise you, the food there is amazing, cloths there are cheap, everything you need can be found in supermarket and you will love it there!! I assure you, if you buy some cheap and nice looking cloths in China, when you come back, people would definitely ask you “where have you bought these amazing cloths?!” But still, you need to pack anyway, especially your personal information things.



Packing requires practicality. When travelling, be it a day or a month, there is a tendency to pack more than what is needed.Some travelers are happy to check in a large case or two, and that’s okay. But if you want to lighten your load, and need some tips on how, read on…


Why Pack Light…


By packing lightly, you would not only save space for future shopping, you would also save extra baggage costs, worry less about missing luggage, and be less encumbered by heavy bags while navigating a new place.


Seasoned travelers will advise you to just pack the basic essentials. Travelling light will allow you to have more freedom to move around, to better experience your trip, and most of all, to enjoy your adventures.


With Great Technology Comes Great Responsibility (to save paper).

Asian man using smartphone. The smart phone is the ultimate smart space saver.
Asian man using smartphone. The smart phone is the ultimate smart space saver.

Instead of bringing physical copies of guides, maps, or informational brochures, store soft copies in your phone. That way you will save space in your bag and you will always have the information with you.


When you are out gallivanting the streets of your travel destination, refrain from taking physical copies of leaflets, etc., and opt to take a picture instead. As a safety measure, keep a copy of your important documents, such as your passport, on your phone and on your e-mail.


Also, a powerbank or a portable charger will come in handy to make sure your phone battery will last as long as you will in a day’s traveling.


If You Can Use It More Than One Way, It’s a Keeper

By packing multi-functional items, you can reduce the amount of items you bring with you.
By packing multi-functional items, you can reduce the amount of items you bring with you.

Let’s reiterate the importance and the benefits of the technology at the tips of our fingers; our phone. With just our smartphone and its wide range of applications, we no longer need to pack a flashlight, an alarm clock, a compass, maps, a GPS, a camera (for basic photography), a notebook, diary, and stationery, or any other books (go app/ebook/online), etc.

If you plan on backpacking, a frisbee could be used for other purposes as well. It can serve its normal function for a fun time at the park or the beach, but it can also be used as a handheld fan, a dish, or even as a protective shell for the smaller fragile items in your bag.


Good Things Come in 3s

When it comes to packing clothes, the golden rule is “three is all we need”. This means that three sets of clothes are enough for your travels. The key to this is that you should be prepared to do some washing or shopping.

Most accommodation and stand-alone laundromats in China will provide an affordable laundry/dry-cleaning service. See our List of Best Laundromats in Shanghai for example. However, you can save more money if you opt to do your washing in the sink or in the tub using shampoo as your detergent.

Another possibility is to start your travels light and purchase clothes during your travels. So even if your trip is longer than a week, you can still start out with three pairs of clothes.

However, when planning how many sets, take into consideration the convenience and the timing of your washes. A good recommendation for a long trip will be five sets of clothes with a planned laundry day every three days.


Pack Layers, not Bulk

Thin layers offer flexibility for comfort, and save weight.
Thin layers offer flexibility for comfort, and save weight.

Consider your travel destination and the type of clothing you will need. As a general rule, pack layers, and not bulky items. Compressible puffer jackets are a great alternative to heavy coats if you’re going to Harbin in winter, for example.

The basic principle is that different layers of clothes — that are light and easy-dry — will have much more utility than one or two thick and heavy jackets.

If you’re worried about mismatching, synchronize your colors by choosing lighter shades or monochromatic colors.


2-in-1 Luggage

Plan on travelling with just one luggage item, but separate your belongings into two “bags”: a rollerbag/case/backpack and a smaller “day bag”. Pack items that will be used during that day, or that are more important into the smaller bag, and the rest into the larger luggage item, while leaving some space to keep the smaller bag in the larger.

You can leave your large bag in left luggage or your hotel room, and take the smaller bag (a backpack would be ideal) out, so that you don’t have to lug around a big bag any more than necessary.



If you need to bring liquids along on your travels, be sure to only bring what is necessary. Keep the liquids (facewash, shampoo, etc.) in small plastic bottles, which are convenient and can be reused — good for the environment. (This may also save you hassle at airport and railway security checks.)

Alternatively, you can buy travel-sized versions of these liquids during your travels. It could save you some money and some extra weight at the start of your travels, as they are readily purchasable in China (though brand availability may be different).


Travel Light and Flexibly with China Highlights


Now that you know how to pack lighter, look no further for an itinerary without the extra weight.


China Highlights Customers on the Great Wall Travel light when exploring the Great Wall.
China Highlights Customers on the Great Wall Travel light when exploring the Great Wall.

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That’s right! As we promised in our “About Us” page, I’m now offering you some packing tips which are essential to your traveling, and really, it’s the first thing you do before you travel around!! As packing starts, your journey begins.

With the technology becomes more human-centered and friendly, you don’t have to print out everything with you, like maps or recommendation of good restaurants and stuff. I recommend you guys one app that is frequently used in China which contains all the information you need while traveling there—Baidu Map. Baidu is like a Chinese Google (since you can’t use Google within China mainland). If you download that app, it will offer you all sorts of thing you need near you, for example, pharmacy, famous restaurants with customers’ comments, scenery spots, public transport information and so on! So bring your phone with you and also a powerbank (since you are going to use your phone 24/7).

Before I read this article, I always pack more cloths than I actually need. After having the knowledge of “3 sets” in my mind, as a girl, I think I would only bring 5 sets. But it depends on where you go. If you go to developed countries, 5 sets would be just enough; If you are going to China, dear ladies, bring one set, and you can shopping along your way there!!! Things in China, cheap, cheap, cheap!!!!

One secret to girls: Chinese city Suzhou produces best wedding dresses and the price-quality ratio is great!!

But a reminder, don’t buy things at scenery spots, they sometimes triple the price.

At last, I would suggest you, always keep your “small bag” as much as close to yourself—thieves are a lot in China. If you lost something and go to the police, there’s 80% you can’t get your things back.

Good luck girls, travel lightly, bravely and interestingly in China!!

P.S. I also have the links to some travel planners, that could be helpful.

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