Cultural Awareness and Travel Attire

A Tutorial video on cultural awareness and attire when traveling in India. Plus a bonus clip and demonstration of how to make an authentic chai masala at home!

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Happy Learning and cooking!



4 thoughts on “Cultural Awareness and Travel Attire

  1. Hi, Gracef, such a great video that you create and I really enjoy to watch it! By the way, the Chai Tea that you made looks delicious, and I absolutely will try to cook it later.
    If I were a girl that want to travel to India, I would be a little bit worry due to the cultural difference(I know India has a series doctrine for the female). So I think you provide an appropriate tutorial video for the girl who never been in India before. You offer some advices in certain aspects, such as what kind of dressing is necessary when female doing local activities. The tips of how to use scarf make your skirt longer is quite useful for me(I absolutely will buy it, it looks like omnipotence, lol).
    I strongly agree with your point in the video that cultural awareness is to understand their culture, which means understand their cultural content. I think this is the main principle when people are traveling in other countries, understand and respect other cultures first and then you will immerse yourself in it, that why choose to travel, right?
    So thank you for sharing your experience and understanding, I’d like to watch it more about your video blog!

  2. As an avid traveler I found Graces segment to be very informative; I liked the demonstration element of it. It was well structured, with an introduction, body and a conclusion with a lead into a story for next week. She spoke slowly and clearly using no jargon. A welcoming tone, with open body language. I liked the use of props allowing viewers to have a better understanding along with the demonstration showing us how to achieve this. Grace explained why it could be useful on 3 different levels, culture, weather, and modesty. This could be useful for a traveler so as to not offend anyone, and staying safe.

    The cooking demonstration on making Chai Tea, was a fun and informative insight in what Grace picked up in her travels. The line of her saying it took her back to the streets of India fills you with the sense of wanting to experience this too.

  3. Grace,

    This is a really interesting video. I have only ever travelled to Balinese temples, where the required attire is a lot more relaxed and informal. I think it is very important for travelers to be culturally aware of the visited country’s beliefs, values and attitudes. It is even more important to have an understanding of the historical context when immersing one’s self in religious activities. The last thing you want to do as a tourist is make the locals feel uncomfortable in their space – by dressing inappropriately or ‘provocatively’.

    As a white western girl I know that my dress code and casual attire is a lot different to women is third world countries. Despite never having been to India, (its on the bucket list) I am glad I have some insight and education upon what I should pack. It is important to fit in with countries that are so entrenched with cultural history. Being modest is an important quality to exude, in order to receive respect and approval from local citizens.

  4. hi Grace,

    The best thing you may expect from this tutorial video is that people can watch it to the last second. I did! And feel it’s quite short as I wanted to watch more. India is still a strange country to me, especially due to its notorious stories about woman inequality. However, thank to your introduction from the simplest things like attires and chai milk tea, India become more friendly.
    It’s not strange to me about the attire code because as a Vietnamese, I used to wear discreet clothes when I visit temples. However, travellers normally don’t prepare for that and their comfortable clothes for travelling may unintentionally offend local people in scared places. The idea of scarf and loose long pant for travelling is perfect, they are comfortable and well covering. I think many young travellers have learnt from this idea, so I can see this fashion style is very popular in some famous destinations for backpackers like Hoi An (Viet Nam) or Bangkok (Thailand). Your blog is absolutely a good platform to spread culture awareness to young people who love travelling.

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