About us

When we travel anywhere we inevitably leave a footprint, this page is designed to ensure that as travellers of the world we always leave a positive one.

Hello and welcome to Footprint, an international travel blog dedicated to creating and uncovering the endless possibilities and opportunities of being a safe and culturally informed female traveller.

In its inception, Footprint was something we wanted to create to fill the gaps we had felt ourselves when planning or dreaming about traveling to shores beyond our own. So often we found that when we raised these thoughts with our loved ones they would be unsure or concerned about our safety or the appropriateness of us traveling alone. While of course some of these concerns and potential limitations are ones we take seriously (and will later unpack on this site) we also wanted a positive space to discuss the positive realities and possibilities of traveling alone. Equally we feel that being culturally aware and informed as travellers is essential to gaining the most from your experiences and also leaving a positive impression on the people and places you visit.

The authors of this page each have experience that cover many countries of the world, which we want to share with you to empower you in your own pursuits. Additionally, we (Grace, Jingqi, Jasmine and Renee) cover between us the languages of English, French, Chinese, Indonesian and Nepali so feel free to send through your queries in any of the listed languages.

As we travel abroad, we certainly have to communicate with different people who come from different cultural backgrounds. While communicating, we need to take a step back to be aware of our different values, perceptions and even beliefs due to our different cultures. That’s the most amazing part of traveling around—cultural understanding! Engaging cultural differences can widen our horizons and help us embrace the “new” world!

In our blog, you will see how four girls travel the world individually, safely and happily in a planned way. That’s right! You can also see how we make our plans for traveling in some countries, for instance, our sampled itineraries to Europe and Bali, packing skills that girls should know about, tips of traveling alone safely in India, and of course, our cultural awareness on how we dress, how we eat and how we talk in certain places.

In addition to that, we will also offer you some cooking classes about typical food we love during traveling (we nailed it!), Indian case study that we found interesting to talk about, or how to tackle China the right way, the activities that we recommend you to do (i.e. festivals, traditional cultural rituals), the scenic spots you can’t miss out and so on.

Besides that, we will provide you all that information through texts, video and audio forms to make sure that you don’t get bored! If you are a girl and wish to explore the world by yourself, I’m telling you, you certainly can! And I believe our travel blog will definitely help you to make your dream come true.

Our blog site will cater exclusively for women who are passionate about getting out there and seeing the world but who may feel uneasy traveling as a female. Traveling to certain parts of the world as a lone, foreign woman can be an intimidating prospect.  In some countries simply being a female can incite a lot of unwanted attention and brings with it certain risks that may not be experienced by male travelers. It goes without saying that females traveling overseas need to exercise a high degree of caution to ensure their personal safety and security at all times. Therefore our target audience is female travelers who may have an interest in exploring the world on their own, however all women who are going overseas either alone or in a group would find our site helpful for their trip.

Furthermore, due to the fact that our website will be conducted in the English we are catering for an audience that have English as their primary language – although if a person is monolingual this has the potential to broaden our target audience. The fact that we are English speaking also adheres to the fact that we are mainly targeting a Western audience. Of course, this definition is not exclusive and we recognise that anyone around the world could benefit from the information we provide on our blog. However, we feel that Footprint will appeal the most to women from countries like Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This is due not only to the language aspect of our website but also because our information and experiences are largely based on traveling to countries that are inherently non-Western.

Starting off as a travel blog, Footprint is a free site that aims to empower and encourage female travellers to explore the world and learn all about what other cultures have to offer. Once we hit a steady support base of 5000 followers, our plan is to partner with key businesses that will both help us continue as well as enhance your travel experience. Our goal is to help you! By partnering with businesses such as hotels, hostels and airlines, we have the potential to help you cut costs on your trip. Don’t worry, the blog will continue to be free – however we will have sponsorship from sites.

Footprint will not only feature tips, tricks and experiences from us, but also helpful hints and information from outside sources! Of course all these references media items will be credited to the original source – we don’t plagiarise, we recycle! As bloggers ourselves, we wouldn’t want someone else to take our information, put it on their blog and pass it off as theirs. Abiding by copyright laws, we will simply use them as reference points to our own information and/or comments. These reference points may include videos, articles, photos and possibly audio from travel sites or blogs that we find useful. We appreciate and respect other bloggers and only want to share information.

Thank you so much for stopping by Footprint, we hope you find this blog useful and inspire you to travel and see the world!  
Here are the four voices of Footprint!

Grace, a girl from outback Australia living in Perth who has spent time living, working and travelling (both alone and in a group) in India and Nepal and has also travelled through Africa, the Middle East, The Americas and europe.

Jingqi, a Chinese girl who currently living in Perth and has traveled to China( some provinces of course), Europe, Singapore and Australia.

Jasmine, a Brisbane girl who has recently moved to Perth and has vast experience traveling around Asia and Europe, with a particular love of Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.

Renee, a Canadian girl crossing Perth, Australia off her bucket list who has travelled to Bali, Trinidad & Tobago, the Dominican Republic and some states in the USA.