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Hypnotized and under the spell of the Worlds most dangerous Drug “The Devils Breath”

The flower itself looks beautiful, jet it’s crucially dangerous, what a contrast!  The devils breath is still an underground drug and it is unfamiliar for many.

Therefore it is good to learn about before we go out andimgres-2 explore and having this knowledge with us in our luggage. The power of the scopolamine is extreme, one inhalation of the Devils breath and the criminals control you. The victim will not have free will, they are open to suggestions by total strangers and you don’t second-guess their intentions.

The flower grows on the Borrachero tree and when it as been synthetically processed it looks like cocaine and if someone blows it in the air and you breathe it, they own your mind, it is that easy!




Victims exposed to Scopolamine, has no recollection of gladly emptying their bank accounts, giving up an organ, get raped, steal from their family or loved ones or it can persuade you to become a prostitute.

Victims being drugged have waken up in park benches somewhere having no clue how they ended there. They have even waken up in a bath tub with their organs cut out with a note stating, “you have five hours to go to the hospital before you die”.

To read the whole article and watch the documentary made by Vice, simply use this link http://www.deprogramyourself.org/2016/08/the-devils-breath-worlds-scariest-drug.html


  1. This post is meant as an FYI and to educate and inform as I do not believe this drug is well known and its affects has huge consequences

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