About Us

Welcome to For The Record, the one stop shop for students seeking unheard, interesting news with a political or social edge. All of our content is written by our team of five students, who all come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our goal is to be the go to source of relevant information, curiosity and conversation for our audience: Australian domestic university students, as well as international students studying in Australia.

What is For The Record?

For The Record is an independent, community media organisation which is run purely by volunteers who plan, run, design, write and execute the site. As a community platform we aim to express issues, cultural concerns and news with a social benefit. While at our core we are a news site, we are aiming to showcase it differently, with an edge let’s say. We focus on global issues that we think you will want to hear about, whether that be sport, lifestyle, manufacturing – you name it – we cover it. We look at things critically with the endeavour to foster conversation between us all. We bring together written articles, videos and mini podcasts to make For The Record, independently unique.

We currently we operate independently, with funding provided by the authors themselves. However, with growth, our aim is to obtain some form of sponsorship from an external party, to help relieve financial pressure. This will also give us the opportunity to grow into something substantial. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of For The Record, contact us for a chat.

If you are an individual who values a free and independent media not tied to, or influenced by any political party or large corporation then you can also donate to us. Our readers are our priority and we value your support so if you would like to make a donation then please contact us.

What are we here for?

We want to explore news and current topics that you’re interested in. As community news, we’re different to public and private broadcasters – and we hope you can see that. Let’s just say, we really have your best interests at heart.

Our primary audience, is domestic Australian university students, with our secondary audience international university students studying in Australia. We want to reach out to university students nationwide and allow them to have a voice in things that matter. Being students ourselves we know you seek information, and are curious about the world, with your beliefs and values being cemented more and more as time goes on. For The Record allows our audience to be informed in critical issues, and gives them a platform to start discussions and conversations that they might otherwise not have been able to.

Who are we?

To refresh your memory, we’re a group of five university students all studying at the University of Western Australia. We bonded over the lack of community news directly targeting students, and we figured, why not give it a go ourselves. We soon realised that we all have very different interests. But that’s not so bad after all, because now, For The Record is a diverse media platform ready to inform the young world.

To give you a quick low down, here are we are.

Eloise Cribb

Eloise is born and bred in Perth, is worryingly addicted to coffee, and can’t decide whether she prefers Parks & Rec or The Office. When she isn’t scouring for celeb news, youll find her watching Game of Thrones, or feasting on thai food. In all seriousness though, she is passionate about too many things to name, so you’ll just have to read her pieces.

Jemma McFarland

Jemma is an online shopping and red wine addict. She is an avid enthusiast of all things sport and feminist related. Originally from Joburg, South Africa she has spent the last 14 years of her life on the sunny, WA coast.

Stefaan Bruce-Truglio

Stefaan is a mad football fan and an amateur political commentator. He enjoys the simpler things in life; from pasta to coffee, hanging out with friends to a good TV show. He mainly writes about the global injustices that affect us all. He lives in Perth, Australia but hopes to one day travel the world and live in exotic lands.

Kine Henriksen

Kine is from the artic part in Norway (Tromsø) and has lived abroad in Copenhagen for nine years, one year in Cyprus and five months in Nicaragua. She suffers from wanderlust and has a thing for languages, swimming, watersports and martial arts. She enjoys  traveling, and meeting inspirational and playful people, whilst learning about foreign history and politics, and digs it. She, herself is a grown up child, very curious and analytical.

Jing Ma

Jing is a Chinese girl who loves to play the violin and read books in her spare time. Her life goal is to be  a translator and interpreter. In order to achieve her dream, she studies translation studies to improve her translating and interpreting skills.

*Also, we’re always on the hunt for dedicated and passionate student writers to become a part of the For The Record team. If you think you have what it takes, be it a controversial view point or a can’t be missed topic – we want to hear from you. So drop us a line.

The Nitty Gritties

As students volunteering our time, please understand it might take us a wee bit longer to respond to your questions, comments and feedback. We work our hardest to give our readers (you guys) relevant, interesting and thought provoking information. If you have seen or read anything of concern on our site, please let us know.

Last but certainly not least, For The Record does not take ownership, or responsibility of any content on sites linked to or mentioned throughout our site. All of our original creative content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Meaning whenever our work is copied or redistributed, the original creator (that would be us) must be credited and the source linked to.

PS: The Inspiration

Our name For The Record, came from the idea of telling news and information that has not previously been spoken about, but needs to be.