Our diet is biggest whole health impactor


Our physical health is something that we should always endeavour to take the utmost care with, and yet there is a shocking percentage of us that do not seem to know where to start. While there are obviously those of us who have always taken pride in, and acknowledged the importance of maintaining our health, the fact is that there is also a lot of us who either genuinely do not know where to begin, or are not willing to make the changes necessary to instil positive changes in our bodies. It certainly does not help that there is so much conflicting information circulating at any given time. At the end of the day, before anything else, it is our diets that have the most impact on our physical health.

Diet is so important to our bodies’ physical health, but it also significantly impacts whole health. More than anything else, what we choose to put into our mouths, to fuel our bodies with, determines what we look like and what we feel like. When it comes to finding the right balance for our bodies personally, we try it all. We can drink healthy tea, and we can exercise until we drop, but nothing will ever work as well as when we make a conscious effort to continuously incorporate more vegetables and fruits into our diets. This is something that seems simple, but people can struggle with. There are three strategies that can help you work a healthier diet into your lifestyle.

Shopping at an organic farmers’ market

Our health is something that we should always been endeavouring to maintain at its peak form. More and more often, organic farmers’ markets are becoming more popular. Not only is the produce healthy and pesticide-free, but you are often getting fruits and vegetables straight from the farmers’ farms, meaning that the produce you are getting is the best quality available as well. You might find that buying organically can cost more, but you generally also buy less as you cut out all the extra items you used to buy.

Shopping in the outer rings of the grocery store

If you don’t want to take the leap and shop at a farmers’ market, you can still do your best to ensure that you are getting the best quality groceries possible. Generally speaking, most grocery stores are laid out so that the fresh produce (i.e. fruits, vegetables, milk, Greek yoghurt, meats, etc), is all stocked in the outer rings of the grocery store. When you go to do your grocery shopping, making a conscious effort to stick to the outer rings as much as possible (if not always) not only means you avoid the processed foods and unhealthy fats and sugars that are stocked in the inner sections, but that your grocery shop is also quicker (win-win).

Stocking up on healthy snacks

One of the biggest issues that people have with their diets is snacking. We all get hungry throughout the day in between meals, and while you might think that having an unhealthy snack is fine if your main meals are balanced and healthy, realistically we are snacking just as much – if not more – than we are eating full meals in the average day. Because of this, our snacking intake adds up, and if it is not healthy, it becomes an issue. Having carrots, celery, cucumber, fruits, nuts, Greek yoghurts, and rice cakes stocked up ensures your snacking intake is healthy as can be – not to mention guilt-free.

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