Baby-proofing and more – in preparation for the first baby


Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding things that can possibly happen to two people. Bringing a life into the world binds two people together for the rest of their lives, but it also changes everything for the entire future that spans out ahead. Having a baby means acknowledging and taking responsibility for the fact that another person is going to be relying on you for the foreseeable future. It can be a daunting prospect, but it is also one of the most exciting times in somebody’s life. There is nothing in all the world quite like knowing that you and someone you care about (if you are lucky, the person you love more than anything) created a tiny person that is half you and half them, while at the same time being entirely their own little soul.

There is a lot to organise for a new baby’s arrival. From prams, car seats, and cots, to baby toys, nappies, and baby food (and everything in between), the collection of newborn items that new parents must have ready for bub’s arrival can be overwhelming. So, what are the most important things to remember leading up to the arrival of the newest little member of the family? Well, there is a lot. But the three most important things are the ones that also happen to be figured out not too long before baby’s arrival (most of the time).

The car seat is most important

While getting a cot, a change table, a bouncing chair, and all other manner of pieces of baby furniture is obviously important, the car seat is the one piece of baby furniture that you must spend good money on. While all baby seat companies insist that their baby seats are the safest, the reality is that a lot of them are far from it. Investing the money to ensure your little one’s utmost safety in the car always is so, so important. Especially when you consider the fact that it is not just you on the road – you might think you’re driving as safely as you can – and of course you genuinely are – but you cannot control how those around you drive.

The hospital bag must be packed for two

This might sound crazy, but getting into the mindset of going somewhere pregnant and coming home with another person in your midst can be a challenge. Packing a bag when we go away in general, we always seem to forget something. Try packing baby’s hospital bag first, and then yours. If you are packing everything into the one bag, pack baby’s belongings and things first – nappies, onesies, spit up blankets, a toy, you name it. That way, when you get to packing for yourself, you can be sure that you have everything ready to bring your brand new baby home for the first time.

The house must be baby-proofed

Sharp corners must be softened. Stairs must be baby-gated off. Cords and wires must be hidden. Kitchen cabinets must be baby-locked. Bookcases and chests of drawers must be secured to the wall. Wall sockets must be covered or plugged in. And so, the list goes on. It is so important to baby-proof the house before the little one’s arrival because while they are not crawling immediately, you will likely be too busy parenting and keeping them thriving to prepare after the baby has arrived. Preparation is key. Check everything three times. Be sure.