Adaptive learning resource completed and launched as planned


The adaptive learning resource was completed and launched ahead of Semester 2, as planned. We deployed the resource first to the undergraduate students enrolled into ACCT2201 (Corporate Accounting) and later also made it available to the post-graduate students in ACCT5511 (Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting).

For this project, a separate community unit was created in the university’s LMS to house the tool (for the ACCT2201-students), but we included the resource in the actual unit for the ACCT5511-students.

Students were required to complete a pre-survey, before the adaptive learning resource was available in the LMS (using the adaptive release function in Blackboard).

On accessing the adaptive tutoring resource in the LMS, it launches as a new tab in the internet browser being used. Students are provided with information on how to navigate in the resource, as well as an explanation of the icons used in the resource.


After reading through the background information supplied on a fictitious company used in the resource, the first module becomes available for student use. After completion of all three units, the student is navigated back to the LMS to complete a post-survey, where after their Certificate of Completion is awarded.

56 students attempted the adaptive learning resource, with 26 being awarded their Certificate of Completion. Two separate focus group sessions were held (non-completers and completers) and we are busy processing the results from the surveys and the focus groups.

The feedback to date from the students who successfully completed all three modules is very positive.

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