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In theory, the idea of boosting your online presence with a business blog is simple; you create interesting content, share it with your readers, and they will share it further where it reaches more potential customers.

However, things don’t always quite go to plan. Many business owners gear themselves up for a huge influx of new followers and leads after sharing their first blog post, only to find themselves wondering if the internet connection has gone down, because nothing seems to be happening.

If you’re sick of your content going nowhere, then it’s time to make some fundamental changes. These are some of the main reasons your content isn’t being shared (and how to fix them).

Reason #1: Low Engagement:

If your social media profile only has a handful of followers, don’t expect much to begin with in the shares department. Instead, focus on working hard to build up your social media following, so that you have a larger pool of potential readers to ask for shares.

Don’t neglect your content, though! Keeping your social media profiles as active as possible will engage your current followers. This is imperative as their activity shows up in friends’ newsfeeds, even if the user doesn’t share any of your posts to their own profile.

Reason #2: Boring Content:

It may seem obvious, but boring content is unlikely to encourage a lot of shares and it’s also bad for SEO. If you’re simply rewriting content that your competitors have all posted before, your readers will be bored – chances are that they’ve already read something similar; reading it again is a waste of their time.

Stick to interesting topics that you know for a fact your readers want to know more about. How to find that out? Just ask them with a social media poll. Still struggling? You might want to try using a reputable SEO company in Auckland.

Reason #3: Too Much Content:

Admittedly, blogs can look a little bare when there are barely any posts or categories to choose from. But, don’t fall foul to making up for lack of words by filling the spaces with fluff. If you’re constantly churning out content, you won’t have time to research, proof-read, and really put the effort into creating great pieces.

Always remember: Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to content! Even if it means cutting down the amount that you post, reach for the highest standard.

Reason #4: Bad Content Layout:

If nobody’s sharing your content, chances are you’re feeling a bit doubtful of your skills. When you’ve put a lot of effort into writing something you were sure your readers would be amazed by, zero shares can feel like a huge slap in the face.

Don’t panic just yet, though – it could have nothing to do with your writing skills at all. But even the most eloquently written, interesting blog post or article will do badly if it’s poorly laid out. For example, if you’re publishing all your posts in huge chunks of text, stop. Smaller paragraphs are much easier to read; the difference it makes will surprise you.

Would you like to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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