When looking for SEO strategies to use to make your website content rank higher, you need to think out of the box. Search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo are looking for content that is fresh, unique and doesn’t contain plagiarised content. While keeping that in mind, how can you improve your SEO ranking to rower out above the rest?

Keep an open mind about keywords

When creating content, you should use a number of strategically planned keywords that flow naturally within the body of your content. Right, anyone can have keywords in their content but how can you make yours better? By looking for keyword phrases that specifically describe your brand or product. So, instead of selecting a keyword containing the phrase “dog food”, opt for something more specific without giving it a marketing vibe, such as “buy raw dog food.” 

Earn your links before you buy them

It is a huge temptation. Buying links to try and improve your SEO ranking on search engines won’t work, no matter how tempting it may seem. Search engines are good at detecting links that are bought and that will result in your SEO rank to fall a great deal. Instead of buying links, earn them naturally by creating great content with natural internal links.

Titles, tags and meta descriptions

Although titles, tags and meta descriptions have lost the significance in the ranking algorithm, you can still use it to get clicks on your website. By adding meta descriptions to your content enables you to reach a larger audience by peaking their interest by what your content will be about, should they click on the url.

Adjust your website’s internal links and navigation

Your entire website consists of pages and by internal linking and navigating, you can let search engines know which pages they would rank and which ones not. By making use of no follow and no index codes, you enable search engines to rank the pages for your website that truly matter and ignore those that don’t.

The loading speed of your website

When you go to a website that takes a few minutes to load, you would rather go to another website, right? Whether viewing a website on a tablet, mobile phone or pc, you are limited to a certain time to navigate around the internet and do not want to waste additional time waiting for a webpage to load. To make your website load quicker, make use of checking tools to determine which parts of your website take long to load. Take this information to adjust the sections (whether it is images, text or code) to make the page load faster, thus improving your website SEO.

If you truly want to add value to your website and reach potential customers that will appreciate your services, you need to make use of the above-mentioned ways to improve your website SEO ranking. Having said that, making use of a professional SEO service will make your website a cut above the rest!

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