In a world that’s increasingly online, having an amazing product or cool concept just isn’t enough to get noticed. Rather, all businesses should take the time, money and energy to invest in digital marketing.

Digital marketing isn’t your run of the mill advertising. Instead, it’s a constantly evolving recipe of social media strategies, influxes of emails and on-site optimizations that ensure your website is discoverable and compelling. Incorporating it into your regular marketing plan will ensure you have a more well-rounded view not just of online demands for purchasing your product, but of overall brand recognition and loyalty – which are equally as important for companies nowadays.

While the many moving pieces of digital marketing might seem overwhelming, there are three easy tactics you can employ right now that will promote your business and boost your bottom line.

  1. Enlist Email Marketing

Email marketing is an incredible effective form and wildly affordable form of digital marketing, making it the perfect starting point for new ventures. While it’s easy to dismiss email in the Snapchat era, don’t be fooled – studies show that ever dollar spent on email can result in up to $38 dollars in return revenue.

Yup. Pretty effective.

The key to email marketing is to smartly and fairly capture emails, and create a consistent schedule filled with content that your users crave. Ensure that text isn’t gratuitous and the message and desired action is clear. Plus, if you aren’t sure how often you should be emailing users, just start with once a week (you know the saying, less is more).

Finally, there are plenty of amazing providers that can track users’ behaviors and personalize content, but you don’t really need to begin with them. Something as simple as Mailchimp – which is free up to 2000 subscribers – is a great starting point. Another great email marketing tool with a free version is Sendinblue, which you can read its review here.

  1. Cultivate Community On Social Media

Social media is another inexpensive and successful way to engage users and promote your brand. Once again, you’ll need a consistent posting schedule to help your posts be seen, but the key to maximizing reach and engagement (outside of sponsoring content, which is a whole other ballgame) is simply by engaging with others!

Reply to people who comment on your posts, start productive and on-brand conversations on Twitter, like influencers’ images on Instagram – all of these actions will slowly but surely create a safe space that your company’s fans will gravitate towards. Plus, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting your content into various newsfeeds.

  1. Optimize Your Website For SEO

SEO is the bread and butter of almost every major website for one reason: it works. Really, really well.

While search engine optimization is a little tricky, and often sees the best results when an in-house expert, consultant or SEO agency advises, there are some things you can do on your own. Ensure all of your pages load quickly for optimum user experience, interlink to other pages throughout the website design (this is where blogs really come in handy) and encourage other high-ranking websites to link back to you, too! All of this will boost your ranking on Google and make the company more discoverable.


Promoting your brand or business with the help of digital marketing is necessary for success these days. However, if you utilize a strong and consistent email marketing strategy, create a personality on social media that your consumers can connect with, and spend time optimizing your website for SEO, you’ll jump to the head of the pack, stat.

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