Saving for uni holidays is always a tricky topic for students, particularly because students naturally spend most of their time outside of class trying to maintain (and hopefully exceed) their grades. This means that most students simply do not have the time or the energy to work enough hours to earn substantial savings in time for the holiday break.

It simply just is not reasonable (or, in a lot of cases with students, even remotely doable) to study full time and work enough to maintain financial independence as well as bright assessment results.

It sounds like a virtual impossibility that there are ways that students can make money throughout the year in time to use it for their summer plans. Fortunately, there are multiple ways for students to make money as they study.

For the intellectually inclined, students can start a private tutoring business, allowing them to take on as little or as many students as they feel comfortable with, earning great income in the process. Further, students with particular affinities can use them to freelance their services out to clients via the internet. Freelancing can be a multitude of things, from writing, editing, and proofreading, to making videos and audio for clients’ use.

Freelancing is an excellent way for students to make money throughout the year at a pace that suits them. The additional benefit of freelancing means that students can build industry connections as they gain experience, all before they even graduate.

Some part-time jobs can provide enough income that it does not destabilise students from their studies. Partaking in employment is also a fantastic way to build confidence, skills, and connections that students can take with them long after they leave their part-time positions.

Becoming an Uber driver or a dog walker is a great way for students to get out of their usual environments and get fresh air while earning money for their travels.

For some students, selling their possessions – and even renting out a spare room (if one lives out of home) – can make all the difference. Most students (and young people in general) tend to live in chaotic spaces, so the opportunity to sell some of their pre-loved items in exchange for money gives them financial wealth while also decluttering their living spaces (win-win).

For the students that are pondering a summer abroad and need a little more cash than selling some clothes and furniture can provide, you can even sell your ride and get a substantial influx of money right before you board the plane. Summer plans for abroad are also the perfect opportunity for students to take advantage of special student deals, like Student Flights or Contiki tours.

While there are some jobs that are far too time-consuming for students to realistically take on while maintaining their academic success, there are also fantastic jobs available for students that are flexible and allow them to save for the summer.

From tutoring and freelancing, to selling pre-loved possessions like clothes and even vehicles, students are being given more practical ways to earn and save money.

Students can finally find the balance between study and work, in a way that will not leave them too financially stressed to enjoy their summer breaks, or too academically stressed.

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