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With the rise of new platforms and the peak of social media usage, it seems like the most fruitful times to start a new business. However, the times of pre-internet are of no longer, as the very platforms that allow us to advertise favor brands that are able to play the algorithm game. Seeing brands start their business without skimming through the latest in digital marketing or tech news and be suspended on Instagram is heartbreaking to say the least. So here are the top 5 mistakes businesses make when advertising their brand online and how to fix those mistakes.

  1. Bad Business Name

Scenario, you and your business partner have this great idea for a business and both of you start thinking about business names. Leaning towards something like a clever pun or sweet like honoring your mother’s name as a part of the business is a thing of the past. That he world of SEO-driven sales and social media algorithm insists differently. Instead try opting to something your audience would be able to connect with your product. The closer the business name is to the product, the better it is for your SEO and the algorithm to deem it as appropriate for optimal boost. Try opting even for an optimized keyword before searching for how to register a company.

2. Relying on Traditional Ads

Traditional ads, they can be a great way to ensure that customers are aware of your brand and product. Let’s be real the times of the traditionally attractive model or pretty image of your product and CTA (Call to action) button on the bottom of your caption are almost gone. However, because of adblock and how fast potential customers are turned off by these known methods, businesses must start creating their own content. Having content that is in-house will not only create a more organic fanbase but also increase your likelihood of being on the top charts of web-searches. Influencers are also a great alternative, as now businesses can choose among the many influencers that tailors to their image in addition to an already built in potential customer base that will eagerly follow whatever their influencer adverts to them.

3. Poor Content

So, you have your blog and you got a couple of cool listicles or even an influencer doing a video on you, how can any content be bad content? Of course, the more bloggers articles are linked to your website the better. However, bad content could mean your articles aren’t creating any pull for your potential customers to want to click and peruse the site. Bad content could mean that the content created isn’t targeted well enough to the type of audience that the business is meant for. Or even the content could be targeted to a completely different culture than the country the business is even in. This is all due to lack of research, having better research about the potential customers, keywords, even having a better track record of what works could be detrimental in what content your business could potentially benefit the most from.

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