Entrepreneurship is not a new discussion in the field of business. It has, however, become more widely recognized in the recent years through the millennial generation. Thanks to technology and social media, startups have the ability to reach to a greater audience and even compete with much bigger brands. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, and other technological advancements, more startups are using the digital resources available to them. Millennials know they have a vast variety of opportunities and are willing to utilize them to create their startups and small businesses.  There are still a couple of areas in which startups forget to invest that could make all the difference, here are 3 important ones to invest in right now.

  1. Training and Mentorship

Most businesses that are growing today are simply innovating something that has been done earlier. Important resources startups and entrepreneurs tend to ignore is that of mentors and training that is now available vastly. There are people that know how to scale businesses at a much more advanced and professional level. Taking their advice and expertise can save startups a lot of time and money. If one doesn’t understand marketing, investing in marketing training could save the startup a lot of money and help it reach a larger audience.

  1. Employees

It is extremely necessary for startups to invest in their employees. This does not simply refer to giving them a higher salary as most startups cannot afford that in the early stages. It means to invest time looking for the right employees as well as in training them. Employees want to feel like they are a part of a whole, startups because they usually have smaller teams make this a lot easier. Investing some time in the right employees could create the base foundation of a startup. Moreover, training allows startups to create the employees they require to represent their brand.

  1. Insurance

Finally, one much less discussed resource is insurance. Startups, focused on products or services, are consistently taking risks. A lot of these risks can be insured. Most big companies have insurances for almost all departments of the business, be it financial or health insurance or even insurance for the company warehouses. Securing your startup at early stages with insurance will help secure the business from possible scams and create a stronger brand image as well. There is a lot of online information available about insurance, such as iSelect. It is important to really understand which insurance types work best for each particular business.

Startups are all based on risks as are almost all businesses but it is important to risk an amount on investment in the right places. When startups take time to understand their business and research their competitors as well as their market, it becomes easier to understand where the startup investments need to take place. With this generation’s technological advancement a lot of information and services are available online, tools like free analytics are now available which weren’t previously accessible. It is important for startups to spend their funds wisely in order to grow their business significantly.

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