Virtual Museums

Our third year SCOM3319 Displays and Exhibits students used the Google Cardboard headsets to visit virtual museums.

img_20161003_191405255 img_20161003_191311939 img_20161003_190510535 img_20161003_191524689

The class had a great time playing in different museums and learning simulations available with google cardboard. We then discussed the viability of making virtual tours for museums. The class was divided on whether museums should be investing in the technology and listed a number of pros and cons:


  • immersive
  • novel and exciting
  • provides accessibility to places you otherwise couldn’t visit because of cost, location, age, disability access, etc.
  • relatively cheap for the end user
  • more interaction than 2D online video tours
  • longevity after exhibitions have finished


  • technical incompatibility problems- there are so many types of headsets and phones
  • expensive and difficult to develop for the museum
  • less social interaction than visiting a museum with others
  • limited ability to interact with exhibits
  • the headset gives some people headaches after a while

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