The Dating Game

After reading the articleRomance Round the World: From Meet Markets to Covert 911 Callsa few thoughts definitely hit me. The main one being; are we really that desperate? And what extremes are we willing to go to in order to find ‘the one’. It is interesting to compare the ideas and views of western cultures to more traditional Asian societies.

For instance, the article makes note of a New York based company that provides swatches of clients scented clothing to prospective dates. If they like the sniff they make like the date? Thankfully this idea doesn’t imply any problems regarding gender…However can you really trust your sense of smell to find love?

Chinas radical dating customs are commonly known on a global scale. The traditional idea that ‘parents should choose’ is outdated but still common. Choosing your life partner should be a basic human right and privilege that lays in the hands of the two people in the pending relationship.

Even worse is considering the idea that modern day ‘meet markets’ exist in regions of China – where parents of young singletons hold signs listing their child’s personal details (e.g. height and income). I personally believe that this idea is not practical and subsequently inefficient and demoralizing. It minimizes their child to merely a statistic, without giving them the right to fall in love for themselves.

In 2016 there are many worldwide customs regrading dating on a traditional and more modern level. What we have to realise is that love has no bound.

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