I searched for this?

Try Youtube-ing ‘Women in politics’ and tell me what is the top video that comes up for you? Is it about one of the many great female politicians in our world? Nope. What about some of the upcoming female politicians to keep a watch on? Nope it is not that either. Instead this video is what comes up as the number one video:

As you can see, the number one video is ’10 of the sexiest women in politics’. It certainly was not quite what I was after or what I was expecting when searching for such a subject. Obviously Youtube data has pulled together what it believes is the most popular and most relevant video on these words searched.

If you look for yourself, you will see that the video producer has gone to great lengths and scouted the world to find these women, who are from all different countries. Their physical appearance has been closely examined and obviously photographs that were taken from certain angles have been selected to feature.

The subjectification of these women has been seen by almost seven million viewers. It shows the treatment and views by others that woman in the world politics, regardless of their culture and/or nationality, may have to face. It represents a barrier that the opposite sex does not have to deal with. A barrier that needs to be broken down so that women in politics across the world can be dealt the same hand of cards that their male counterparts receive.

How would you feel if you came across yourself in a video like this?

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