Our Complex Relationship with Chinese Australians

Never before have there been more people of Chinese origin in Australia, or the nations’ economies so tightly linked. Yet for many

Australians a fear of China is proving difficult to overcome.


Chinese influence in Australia has taken many forms, some of them better appreciated than others. Edwina Pickles

By the time she was about 10 years old, Erin Chew had had enough of looking Asian.

Born in Australia of Malaysian Chinese parents, hers was a time when non-European or non-Indigenous faces stood out around the public housing estates of Mount Druitt, in Sydney’s outer west.

The Vietnamese and ethnic Chinese of Cabramatta and Cantonese-speaking clans of Haymarket’s Chinatown might as well have been 10,000 kilometres away, for all their presence helped Chew feel about herself.

“I suffered a lot of racial bullying and a lot of physical bullying,” she recalls………..

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