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Workplace Gender Equality Report 2016

Talk with Wonderment is one of Wonderment broadcasting channels, providing a glance on the updating news about women.

Every year, Workplace Gender Equality Agency will analyze a dataset covering four million employees and 12,000 employers in Australia to provide a report about women and men’s pay and job status. Key findings of report draw attention to greater remuneration men receive compared to women in almost every scenario, particularly in senior occupation levels. However, strong evidences also shows greater representation of women on Boards is associated with a significant reduction in the gender pay gap.

So, welcome to Talk with Wonderment!


  1. Workplace gender equality needs to be measured on this sort of scale, as the factual basis to “make the shift in double standards” referred to in the About section of Wonderment. And indeed this needs to happen for all women across the demographics of: ethnicity, age, class (all other factors being equal-ish, class is perhaps less of an issue in Australia than many other countries?) and education levels.

    The intangible factors referred to in the filmclip are obviously harder to measure and factor in – but they need to be.
    May I suggest that women returning to work; substantially increasing work hours; resuming or taking up a professional role for the first time after a lengthy period -concentrated on looking after children/other family members needing care- is a huge area, of gender workplace equality, that needs to be addressed.

    I believe that I’m the first man to provide some comments on Wonderment [lives up to its name!]. In solidarity, for this vital cause -for the sake of all humanity- of achieving gender equality.

    Jon, Postgrad international relations student. UWA

  2. Great topic and well presented. I like the multiple voices and perspectives (and the team work in producing the video). Perhaps to make a difference more people, not only female (thanks Jon !) should be addressees of these issues and Wonderment in general.

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