Welcome to ‘Wonderment’. We are an all female student body targeting domestic and international female students. Our aim is to empower young women by creating a global community that breaks down barriers.

Our non for profit organisation is lead and directed by four female postgraduate students who all have a strong passion for women’s rights and gender equality. Our directors consist of two international students and two domestic students which allows us to have a strong awareness and understanding of global issues. We advocate a shift in double standards and the continued respect for women of every age, race and class. We mainly concentrate  on issues near to our hearts, with articles mainly focusing on Western and Asian cultures.

Unfortunately, in the 21st century women continue to be misrepresented and regarded as the ‘lesser’ gender. On a political, cultural and social scale we are marginalized and discriminated upon due to our sex. Simple rights and privileges continue to be fought for; with most gender equality laws only have been overruled in the past century. females govern countries, lead firms and continue to be the voice of our generation. However worldwide statistics increasingly show that old-fashioned values regarding gender are still apparent.

Our team

Meghan Loney: Meg is a Perth girl born and breed! She finished her Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree in 2013 at the University of Western Australia. The degree majored in Gender and Cultural studies, which allowed Meg to have a broader understanding and appreciation of women’s rights.

Attending an all girls school and having been brought up in a household where gender was always equal, Meg has a positive outlook of feminine identity and is a strong advocate for equality and respect. Having struggled with individual issues herself Meg believes it is our job to assist in the change for future generations.

Lauren Minosora: As a woman who believes that she can achieve as much as her male counterparts, Lauren is isn’t afraid to put her face and voice behind promoting women’s rights. Her degree in Social Justice and Public Relations has educated her on the injustices of the world and has given her the tools on how to highlight a cause that is close to her heart.

She grew up in a household where all sexes were treated equally and counts herself lucky to have been exposed to a variety of cultures, both through travelling and through family heritage. Lauren understands that she wont change the world in one day but if her work can have a positive impact on one person, she knows she is on her way

 Chi Giao: Giao is a Vietnamese woman having just arrived in Perth 6 months ago. Innately an introvert, Giao aims to come out of her shell more as she adjusts to Western culture. Her experience of studying abroad has allowed her to become aware of the differences of women’s rights in different cultures.

She is mindful of the stereotyping and prejudice Asian women continue to face and therefore she hopes that her work in Communications can contribute to a change in the education and understanding surrounding such an issue.

 Katie Gu: Katie is a Chinese girl who has been studying in Australia for around two years. She’s a full time student at UWA and she’s working on her master’s degree of Translation Studies. She received her Bachelor’s Degree of Linguists in 2014. The major focused on Languages and Literature studies, which made it possible for Katie to have a comprehensive understanding of different cultures from an angle of the East.
As an Asian girl, Katie herself has experiences of racial bullying. This has lead to her enthusiasm for reducing the discriminations and stereotypes against Asian women

 Definition of Wonderment

‘Wonderment’ is a state of awed admiration or respect. It also refers to general curiosity about an issue and the revelations/surprise that unfolds. Our organisation decided to pick ‘Wonderment’ as our name because we believe in the continued admiration, respect and appreciation of women. Our directors and associates are extremely curious individuals and aspire to delve into the past, present and future stories that have and will shape the next generation.

What can we find on this site?

Wonderment is fortunate enough to have access to a wide range of resources. This allows our Blog to contain valuable and credible literature of the highest standard. We explore the broad issue of gender equality and the discrimination of women as well as focusing on more specific matters. Our blog will provide an array of information presented to you via articles, videos and podcast entries. As our audience is of a younger demographic and more specifically domestic and international student we will use a simple and easy to read writing style. Our blog not only aims to educate individuals but also to provide a space for discussion and awareness.

Financial and regulatory matters.

Our organisation is not-for-profit meaning we do not operate on profit, personal gain or other benefit. We have a strong affiliation with the University of Western Australia and the Gender studies faculty. The directors and associates voluntarily take time out of their busy schedules to provide for a cause they are extremely passionate about. Our financial assistance is through donation, grants from political parties that have the same values (e.g. The Sex Party, National Council of Women of Australia) and sponsorship from brands and other organisations with similar beliefs.

All of the content on Wonderment is originally sourced and written. Copy right regulations are apparent and duplication of any of our work is prohibited by any individual or organisation. As we believe in respect and understanding towards every individual we do NOT tolerate any form of bulling at our events or on our social media platforms. Thoughtless comments will therefore be taken down but any of our directors.