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  1. Barry at |

    So great to finally see this all materialise! 3D printed anatomy will be such a great addition to the classroom for these units and many others across the campus!
    Well done Kara!

  2. Shaun Collin at |

    Welcome to our 3D brains blog. Kara and all of us are passionate about understanding the brain and how different it is in different organisms. The BIOL5505 students that viewed these 3D printed brains all commented on how much easier it was to inspect individual brains (in this case bony fishes and sharks) and think about what each brain region looks like, what is its function and why the relative size of each brain region can often be very different. By inspecting the printed brains at a larger size, we could all discuss the reasons behind the convolutions and shape with respect to each species’ environment. We see this “hands on” approach as an exciting way of learning about the neural basis of behaviour.


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