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Hi! My name is Amman Bari and I am a medical sciences student at UWA. Welcome to my blog! 


I’m looking forward to using this platform to develop myself as a writer and a blogger, since these are invaluable skills to have in today’s world. A blog is an excellent way to record my own personal growth. I am interested in exploring different opportunities for students to work with businesses to earn money while studying, which could open up post-graduate business opportunities in different industries. I will also be using this blog to comment on anything that catches my eye online or in the news. 

On that note, I was watching the 7.30 news report about animal trafficking in Western Australia and in following up the story online I found the TPWwest.org website which goes into more detail about the issue. I found the story incredibly interesting, especially since it included testimony of somebody who was involved in that very industry. Reformed animal smuggler Niall Cooke’s ideas about how to counteract the rise of the wildlife trade were also interesting, even though they have not found favour with the government. The TPWwest website is worth a look, it really drives home the shocking cruelty of the animal trade. The details of the way they are treated by the smugglers is sickening. I was glad to read that the government was planning to take action and increase penalties for anyone caught trafficking animals. Give this a read if you haven’t heard about the animal smuggling operation in Kimberley! 

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