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Arbitrage betting, or surebettting, is the only betting strategy on sport without risks. No matter what the outcome of the match you have placed a bet you’re still in the black. How is this possible? Let’s consider a specific example of sport arbitrage betting.

Let’s say that West Coast is playing against Fremantle. One bookmaker estimates West Coast winning with 3.0 odds, the second bookie gives Fremantle winning with 2.0 odds. In this case, the odds allow guaranteeing a profit by placing a certain amount for each outcome. Look here.

For example, we are willing to bet in the amount of $600: $250 on West Coast winning, $350 on Fremantle winning.

Thus, your gain is:

– if West Coast wins – 250*3= $750

– if Fremantle wins – 350*2= $700

As you can see, regardless of the outcome you are guaranteed to win. In this case, your profit is $150 or $100 guaranteed without any risks.

How to Find the Arbs?

There are arbs not for each match. How to find them? There are two ways. The first and most time consuming way is to independently monitor the odds at different bookmakers and calculate the arbs on the conventional calculator. But a far easier and more efficient way is to use special arbitrage betting scanners. Apart from searching for arbs, they also calculate how much and on what event you need to place a bet. Just enter the initial bet into the online calculator and the odds of each bookmaker and it shows you the required amount – nothing complicated.

Arbitrage betting technology like this is disrupting Australia’s traditional betting markets. BetBurger, for example, performs deep scans on more than 133 bookmakers in a convenient interface with advanced functionality and affordable tariffs. This makes it a game-changing technology within the betting industry and there are many other services like it.

How Much is Possible to Earn on Arbitrage Betting?

Of course, the greater the amount you bet, the bigger your winnings. The average income of arbers is 10-15% of their bets within one month. That is, if you allocate $1,000 per month for arbitrage betting, your profit will be $100-150.

It should be noted that if you bet large amounts, you may earn a little less return on investment. This is because bookmakers make limits on large sums, but there is no limit in small amounts, so your bankroll will be increased much faster. Regarding time, in the beginning you will only need 1-2 hours. But when you start betting greater amounts, of course it will take much longer.

Good luck in earning from arbitrage betting. Here you can try an example of BetBurger’s arbitrage betting software, and please comment below any experiences you have!