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Month: June 2017

Choosing a Free VPN Service for Students

[Disclaimer: We have recently experienced cases of UWA students submitting articles with subtle advertisements and spam.This is a student-submitted article that has not been censored or edited. If you find any spam, advertising, or offensive content within this article or the comments section, please email us and we will remove the article if necessary. Thank you.]

The world wide web is bustling with a sea of information and resources. But there are also restrictions. Almost every college and university network blocks access to certain content if it deems it to be disruptive for students. On the other hand, some countries exercise strict constraints on their contents and do not allow users from other nations to view them. This is where VPN facilities comes in handy, and can help UWA undergrads. VPN software hides your IP address so that you can easily access and enjoy the restricted contents on the web. As per reports, VPN usage is skyrocketing in Australia and a major niche of VPN users are students. The best part is that free VPN services are on the rise, making things further convenient and economical for everyone.

Let’s see how free VPN facilities help students:

Cost effectiveness

This is the obvious benefit free VPN services. Students are always struggling for pocket-money every month. In such a situation, signing up with a VPN service is more a necessary extra. But free VPN providers have proved some of the best stuff in the world still doesn’t cost a thing.

Unrestrained access to restricted contents

What if you urgently need a news report on the Chinese industrial sector for your research and you are unable to access it given the virtual geo-restrictions? China is one of those countries that do not provide easy access to its news and websites to foreign browsers. Free VPN service is your lifesaver here. As mentioned earlier, VPN software installed in your computer or laptop will ensure your IP address is never disclosed. This way you will have the gateway to whichever web content you want, regardless of geo-restrictions.

VPN facilities also open your doors to all those amazing series and movies that are under Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

Better safety online

This is one of the most important benefits of VPN services. Students are always on the lookout for free Wi-Fi hotspots to save money. But your university and local café hotspots are used by thousands of others. You never know what they are doing online and what their intentions are. In fact, these free internet gateways are often a playground for identity theft. But VPN users are always secure from such nuisances. VPN software camouflage a user’s actual IP address, encrypt their data & protect them from identity theft.

No issues with blocked file sharing

College or University networks sometimes block file-sharing activities for students. That’s a huge challenge, especially when you are working on a major group project and have to share files among your friends. But VPN services take care of such issues, making things smoother for your group project.

How to choose a free VPN service provider

  • First, get a shortlist of the 4-5 potential free VPN service providers online. You must get a comparative study on them before you choose your VPN service provider. Check their market reputation and also what previous users say about them. Focus on the one with highest market reputation and the longest list of happy users.
  • Second, check the number and location of its servers. Ask the company how many countries it covers. There is no point in taking to a VPN service if it does not provide access to a restricted content that you need for your paper.
  • Your chosen company should also promise complete virtual privacy for its users. Make sure it guarantees a no-tracking policy of user’s web activities. Not all free VPN providers practice such discretion.
  • The VPN provider must allow you to choose from several VPN protocols as per your specific protection needs.
  • Finally, the VPN company should ensure easy compatibility will all major browsing devices and operating systems.

UWA Student Entrepreneurs Looking to Outsource a Web Design Company? Here’s what you should look for…

[Disclaimer: We have recently experienced cases of UWA students submitting articles with subtle advertisements and spam.This is a student-submitted article that has not been censored or edited. If you find any spam, advertising, or offensive content within this article or the comments section, please email us and we will remove the article if necessary. Thank you.]

With web sites becoming ever more important in today’s modern age, it is imperative that your business establish an official presence on the web. With web design in high demand, this means that that are many design agencies to choose from. How do you know what you really need? Making the final decision as to which agency you are going to go with can prove to be a difficult task.

Below are just a few of the things to look for when choosing a Web design company.

Be Open and Informative

With a new web site comes an exchange of ideas. It is important that a web design agency listens to what you have to say. An agency needs to make it their mission to understand what your business is all about because they need to be able to portray your business accurately online. You should not be afraid to voice your own vision for the web site, and the agency should take your ideas into account. On the other hand, the agency should provide guidance and suggestions for the web site as well. Sharing ideas with a professional designer ensures an accurate reflection of your business on the web.

Be Knowledgeable and Experienced

It makes sense that you would want an experienced web design agency to handle your Web site. Over time, they have acquired expert knowledge of industry standards and trends, the different devices and web browsers used, and the tactics implemented when designing a successful web site. If an agency has been around for quite some time and it is apparent that they plan to continue, it means that they can be trusted to not only do a good job, but that they can be depended upon to provide further support in the future.

One way to know how figure out the experience level of an agency is by browsing through their portfolio. Most often, agencies have an online portfolio on their web site. By browsing through their work, you can see what they are capable of creating. You are able to get a sense of their style, and decide on whether not it matches your tastes. Web design company Sydney is an example of a company that is able to provide many tailored products and services catered to their clients.

Know Responsive Design

Responsive design is a web design trend that is here to stay. It is an advanced way to make a website shift, contract and expand to fit any screen size. With new technology constantly coming out and the proliferation of mobile devices, responsive coding enables you to stay up to date. Instead of designing multiple templates for different devices, responsive design involves only one template for all devices.

Know Marketing and Conversion

While an attractive web site design increases your chances of being noticed and obtaining site visitors’ attention and business, the right marketing tactics definitely increases your chances even more so. A web design agency should be aware of how to market effectively and be knowledgeable of marketing best practices. They should know to draw an audience in.


UWA’s Step-by-step Guide on Connecting Web Browsers to a Proxy Server

[Disclaimer: We have recently experienced cases of UWA students submitting articles with subtle advertisements and spam.This is a student-submitted article that has not been censored or edited. If you find any spam, advertising, or offensive content within this article or the comments section, please email us and we will remove the article if necessary. Thank you.]

Proxy servers can be a blessing when you have to surf the net anonymously. They work great when you have to hide your IP to access geo-restricted or IP restricted content over the web. Proxies can also be useful for preventing unwanted cookies and keeping your data confidential. Such servers are able to cache websites, compress traffic and prevent malware.

If you’d like to try a proxy server for yourself, this article offers a step by step guide on connecting popular web browsers with proxy servers.

Before you start, make sure you install a good proxy server software onto your system.

Let’s start with Google Chrome

Step 1

Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC or laptop. Go to the top right-hand corner and click on the “hamburger menu” or the icon with 3 lines or dots.

Step 2

Go to Settings and choose Advanced Settings. You will find it at the bottom of the drop-down bar.

Step 3

A new screen should come up. Locate Network and from there, take the cursor to “Change Proxy Settings”.

Step 4

Another screen should open up under the name – “Internet Properties”. Go to the bottom of the window, and click on “LAN Settings” on the left.

Step 5

As the LAN screen comes up, check “Use a proxy server for your LAN”, under Proxy Server. Then, enter the IP address of proxy server and also type the port number.

Step 6

Click OK and it’s done.


Connecting Mozilla Firefox with Proxy Server

Step 1

Open your Firefox browsing window. Go to the Menu on the top left.

Step 2

Choose Tools from the Menu, and go to Options.

Step 3

As the Options page opens, click on the Advanced Tab then choose Network, and from there go to Settings on the right hand side.

Step 4

A page called “Connection Settings” will open before you. Choose the 4th bullet which shows “Manual Proxy Configuration”. A field will come up. Enter IP address of proxy server in HTTP proxy field. Enter port number in port field.

Step 5

Now simply click on OK to start surfing the net anonymously.


Connecting Mac Safari with Proxy server

Step 1

Open up Safari and choose Preferences. From there you will go to Settings.

Step 2

As the Settings menu opens up, click on the Advanced button.

Step 3

Click on Change Settings tab next to Proxies at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Check on Automatic Proxy Configuration.

Step 5

Next, look for the vacant box under Proxy Configuration File. Enter URL of proxy configuration file there.

Step 6

Uncheck the PASV box at the bottom of the page.

Step 7

Click on OK.

The rising trend of anonymous surfing, has caused the current tech market to be flooded with a number of proxy servers. Keep in mind that not all would be equally suitable for you. For example, not all servers are able to access all geo-restricted websites. Thus, you must be really particular about the specifications of the server before installing it on your system. You can check the proxy server reviews online to see what the experts and previous users are recommending. The one you choose should be a highly reputed one in the market and must be compatible with your specific browser.


Could Australia Follow? Student Loans Waived off For British Teachers to Avoid Shortfall in Profession

[Disclaimer: We have recently experienced cases of UWA students submitting articles with subtle advertisements and spam.This is a student-submitted article that has not been censored or edited. If you find any spam, advertising, or offensive content within this article or the comments section, please email us and we will remove the article if necessary. Thank you.]

Let’s put business aside for a moment and focus on the topic of student loans – something that all UWA students can relate to. According to reports, the British Conservative Party announced in the second week of May that student loans for teachers would be waived off if the party continues to stay in power. This is essentially a “reward” that is being offered to the teachers to combat the shortfall in certain critical subjects.

As part of the “election manifesto”, the party declared that it will also help teachers to continue in their profession. Why was this announced in the first place? Basically, this proposal has been put forward so that the shortage of staff in the country as of late, can be dealt with more effectively. In other words, it is an incentive for the teachers to pursue their jobs seamlessly without the hassle and worry attached to repaying their student loans.

Why this urgency?

Reports suggest that without a solution, the problem would become more pronounced as the number of students is expected to reach around 3.3 million by the year 2020. Another reason that the incentive is being offered is due to the growing work pressure. According to the declaration, it was said that adequate human resource support will be also provided along waiving off student loans. This is because statistical data is indicating that many teachers are giving up the profession to explore newer and greener pastures, due to the strenuous workload commonly known to this profession. As such, the Conservative Party’s announcement was a welcome step that was applauded by many.

Waiver of student loans for teachers explained

As the Conservative Party is waiving off the student loans for teachers as an incentive, it is the responsibility of the government to make the repayment of tuition fees alongside the maintenance loans required to be paid by the teachers as long as a particular teacher continues to remain in the state school system. This was stated by Geoff Barton, the General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders.

A step towards teacher retention

He also went on to state that it is quite likely that the student loan might as well be waived off completely after a certain period of time, perhaps in ten years. According to him, the approach is a very positive one and one that will help in addressing the prevailing issue in the country, which is that of “recruitment and retention crisis”.

Aside from the Conservative Party, similar suggestions and recommendations were put forward by several charities and educational organizations over the years.

It may be mentioned here that over the years, several types of loans, regardless of whether it is the short term loans UK service-providers offer, or the education loans offered, these types of financial aid have helped people come out of financial crisis and attain financial stability.

Are more measures needed to meet the crisis?

Although this proposal has been welcomed by all, there are few that believe that only by waiving off student loans for teachers is not enough. This is because as per statements made by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, this very proposal will not be enough to retain teachers in the profession and meet the shortfall of teaching staff that is prevailing presently.

There are others that are of the opinion that, particularly for subjects like Science and Mathematics that have a huge shortfall of teachers, this step is not adequate. It was also felt that it is not needed just for teachers, but what matters is the need for good teachers that are ready to take on challenges and address challenging issues currently existing in the system.

Aside from waiving off student loans for teachers, the manifesto states that teachers will also receive support when it comes to preparing lessons and working with grades. The amount of paperwork will be reduced remarkably too.

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