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What Is ITIL? 

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides the minimum quality benchmarks for IT service management. It is a set of best practices for all IT services. With the ever changing requirements of IT companies, ITIL set the standard for all process management.

The majority of organisations use information technology. ITIL provides the standards to which processes, procedures and tasks, of which are non-organisation specific, must be implemented. It allows all organisations to establish a baseline and also measure for improvement. Basically, ITIL ensures users a consistent experience.

Organisations can benefit hugely from ITIL through a number of ways. These include

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More efficient utilization of resources
  • Increased staff retention
  • Clearer visibility to IT costs

What Can An ITIL Certification Do For Me?

As there are currently few ITIL certified professionals, there are many benefits to completing an ITIL foundation certification course. These include

  • Better pay
  • Better skills
  • Increased credentials
  • Better job prospects

Due to the increasing demand of ITIL certified professionals, not only will you benefit from having a better skill set, with a stronger foundation, you will also be give the upper hand in an extremely competitive job market. Having an ITIL certification gives you a far better chance at the higher paid jobs, with ITIL certified professionals earning on average $119,248 a year. This makes ITIL experts amongst the highest paid professionals in the IT industry.

Should I Become Certified?

 The IT industry is possibly one of the quickest developing industries in the world. There are constant changes and advancement in equipment used and set standards. Becoming ITIL certified shows that you are a true professional, an expert in your field. Not only can it provide you with better paid job opportunities, it also provides your organisation with the confidence and knowledge that you are a highly certified professional, with a comprehensive understanding of the best practices and benchmarks provided for services.

What Next?

Once you have decided to complete an ITIL foundation certification course, which covers key elements, concepts and terminology used in ITIL. You can then progress onto intermediate, expert and master levels to further show your expert knowledge. Anyone can take the course, as there are no requirements for any previous certifications. All you need is the ability to learn and the drive to become one of the best professionals within the IT industry.

In summary, ITIL sets the benchmark standards for all IT service management. It allows you to earn more money, increase your skills and progress onto more favourable job offers. Not only that, it provides the organisation with a certain level of confidence that only a professional certification can provide. If you want to stay ahead, and distinguish yourself above the rest, then an ITIL certification is the way to go.