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Microsoft Azure is undoubtedly a welcome launch for all application developers & IT professionals. It can be defined as a growing ensemble of integrated cloud services that helps to design, execute & manage applications from anywhere. It was initially announced as “Azure” in 2008, then “Windows Azure” in 2010 and finally as “Microsoft Azure” 3 years ago. One of the best parts of Microsoft Azure is that it allows users to build apps with almost any tool and framework. Put simply, it will add a new dimension to the world of app building. Thus, UWA Comp Sci undergrads should hone up their Azure know-how for better career prospects in application development.

Microsoft Azure builds, tests, deploys and manages applications and services via a global web of data centers managed by Microsoft. An advanced digital transformation, it’s backed by all the major features required to design a robust virtual network & deliver applications to a global audience.

Making things faster & easier

Microsoft Azure elevates the productivity level of any app developer. Designed with pre-built templates, integrated tools and managed services, Azure makes it more convenient and faster to build and manage apps. For all three major app categories (web, mobile and IoT), Microsoft Azure is fast becoming the standalone choice for developers

High flexibility

Microsoft Azure is engineered with developers’ convenience in mind. Thus, it is compatible with all major programming languages, operating systems, databases, tools and devices. Whether you have to integrate Docker in Linux containers or build applications with Python or PHP or Java, Azure is flexible with most existing technologies used by IT professionals.

Easy integration with existing IT

Unlike the traditional cloud companies, Azure smoothly integrates with existing IT structure. It is armed with a large web of secured private connections, edgy hybrid database and storage features, data residency and advanced encryption solutions. Thanks to Azure Stack, one can now use Azure application development and deployment into their own datacenter. Simply put, Microsoft Azure allows a broader range of IT options, lowers cost and less complexity.

Robust protection for data

Microsoft Azure eliminates all the usual safety worries of most cloud services. The product assures industry leading data protection and privacy. The company is the 1st cloud company accredited by EU’s data safety authorities given its strict compliance to the EU privacy regulations. Microsoft is also a pioneer in adopting the latest global cloud data privacy standards, namely ISO 27018.

Efficient disaster recovery

Microsoft Azure is powered with geographically decentralized high-speed infrastructure. This design assures excellent disaster recovery, much to the relief of users.

Powered with predictive Analytics

Moreover, Azure is backed by advanced predictive analytics features such as- Cortana Analytics, Machine Learning and Stream Analytics. These analytics services have rendered a new edge to business intelligence, making it smarter and more functional. Users benefit from discovery of amazing business opportunities from their IoT data. Finally, Microsoft Azure also assures easy scalability with packages so that you only have to pay for what you need.