Dental hygiene can be expensive, especially if you are making constant trips to see professionals. In order to help you save smartly, we have compiled a list of four products that will help improve your oral hygiene in the comfort of your own home.

Teeth Whitening Kit

Due to possible genetic discoloration, or too much coffee at work and red wine at happy hour, your teeth has lost its shine. You can opt for a portable and efficient teeth whitening kit that includes gel and bleaching technology. Compact and ideal for those who want to do this at home, this is perfect for anyone who cannot find the time to go to the dentist. There a lot of complete kits online, but if I were you, I would choose the cruelty free and vegan friendly GO GO Smile Whitening Kit.

Electric toothbrush

Plaque grows from morsels of food being left forgotten in the nooks and crannies of your teeth and along your gumline. It’s not like you don’t brush your teeth, but these sections are usually difficult to reach. With a rotating head, the electric toothbrush bristles ensure thorough brushing. Go for the high-tech option to forgo bad breath and bleeding gums.

Sanitation pods

My dad likes to dip his toothbrush in a glass of warm water at least an hour before he uses it, because he “wants to clear away the germs”. If you don’t have my dad’s discipline (I know I don’t) you might want to try these cleaning pods. A clip-on protector for any kind of toothbrush (electric or regular), the “active vapors” will help keep the bristles fresh and clean up to three months.

Water Flosser

Also known as an oral irrigator, this is a cleaning device that emits a thin stream of water which helps clean between your teeth and along your gums to remove food particles and plaque. Although this device has to be plugged into an outlet, requires a reservoir of water and is not as portable as regular floss, this method is more gentle on your gums. It is also good for people with braces or dry mouths.

Next-level Mouthwash

Another product that helps eliminate bad breath (accumulation of plaque and bacteria), is mouthwash. Fluoride mouthwash will help reduce sensitivity and cavities. That being said, you should not dilute mouthwash with water, because you will reduce the amount of Flouride coating your teeth. Some mouthwashes are also available for oral cancer, which help in reducing discomfort and pain. I suggest going for Biotene mouthwashes, which is a combination of an enzyme-based protection ingredient with soothing mouth moisturizers. You can find a lot of effective mouthwashes in your local drugstore.

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