Riddle me this. Where does one go to find the crème de la crème of talented youth these days? LinkedIn? An Ivy League university? Upper Manhattan? The Cirque du Soleil? There are a plethora of amazing websites, organizations, platforms and networking events available for ambitious adults and college graduates hoping for better opportunities or looking to score their dream job, but let’s take a moment to consider the options a high-achieving 16-year-old might have for showcasing their talents and experience.

Interschool conferences? College visits? School open days? Snapchat?

There is one particular platform whose founders set out to solve this dilemma for go-getting teens, and today we can unreservedly say that it has achieved its mission. Goodwall, an app that connects accomplished high school students with prospective universities, institutions and could-be-employers, now has a membership of over 1 million high achievers across 150 countries.

Already the platform is proving popular with some of the most recognized and selective universities and institutions around the world, as a means of connecting them with high potential future students or members.Goodwall has partnered with Yale Young Global Scholars Program, Les Roches, United Planet, ICLA, CSR Match and The University of Kent among others, with the University of Kent having already used the platform to successfully engage with over 7500 students across 135 countries.

And from Australian track athletes to Slovenian singers, this professional network is inspiring and captivating the attention of ambitious teens worldwide. Here are five burgeoning superstars currently listed on Goodwall that you ought to know about – because they might just rule the world one day.

  1. Priyanshi Patel | India

This 17-year-old NGO founder was a published author at 13, an intern at 14, a CEO at 15, and the founder of an NGO dedicated to helping the homeless and the ill around her community at the age of 16. As an accomplished public speaker, Priyanshi has also organized and attended several national and international Model United Nations conferences, where she has won multiple awards including ‘best delegate’.

  1. Melis Gurel | Germany

Founder and host of Model United Nations at her school, robotics enthusiast and First Lego League Robotics mentor, Vice President of Rotary Interact Club, Creative Director of World Art Fortress and science ambassador for the ILO International Autism – to list just some of her brilliant achievements. When Melis has free time from her busy schedule she takes on challenges such as writing for ‘Environment Builds Bridges’ — a journal about environmental conservation under the auspice of the President of Germany.

  1. VitorSiqueira| Brazil

If it isn’t enough that this guy is an aspiring physicist and astronomer who has at the ripe age of 18 already published multiple papers on mathematics and won multiple medals in scientific Olympiadshe’s also a trumpeter and clarinetist for the Mutuense Music Band, a volunteer at Gaturamo Astronomical Observatory and a singer at Maria Penedo Choir. Oh and he was recently chosen to join the highly competitive Brazilian team for the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics.

  1. Adam Ramgoolie | United Kingdom

This 16-year-old education activist, linguist, historian and Mandarin poetry readeris also the founder of Get2Learnan organisation which aims to create awareness and action for educational aid, as well as to promote young people helping other young people by providing educational resources and materials. Nice one!

  1. Take your pick for the fifth ‘superteen’ – be it Slovenian basketball national team player Satja Skobalj, an aspiring doctor with her heart set on becoming a top 5 player in the upcoming European championship; Jordanian aerospace engineer Dana Andrews; wheelchair international athlete with a love for creating change in the world; Julie Charton; or Zaina Awan – aspiring humanitarian lawyer, athlete, TEDX speaker and founder of school-based initiative the Blank Project.

There you have it. The leaders of the next generation. You’re welcome.

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