Each culture and era defines attractiveness differently but in the current age it seems that everything goes. As proven by rags to riches Michelle Phan, transformation queen Promise and many other youtubers with makeup tutorials as their forte. Aside from talent and an eye for aesthetics, what is it that makes them so popular and well received?

  1. They know who they are

Before marketing themselves to the masses, they stripped themselves down to the bare minimum and identified their image and their vision. Without a clear idea regarding what they are about, it would be easy to get lost in the crowd. Anyone can be an imitation, but in order to be successful, strive to be the imitated.

  1. Planning goes a long way

If you think writing essays for university require a lot of planning, you clearly haven’t tried creating a marketing campaign. Too many people assume creating a channel is as easy as uploading a video and waiting to be picked up by the masses. But as a brand, a channel must be grown and cultivated. Determining an upload schedule and the social media posts to go with video uploads helps, as well as maintaining a presence online. Sure, there might be those who are discovered and just rocket to fame. However, rather than relying on pure luck, there are many things a youtuber can do in order to get where they want.

  1. Collaborations can boost audiences

They do not try to climb their way to the top by using others as a stepping stone, but rather they form friendships with other creators and join forces to bring a project to life. Furthermore, both youtubers are likely to have different viewers which they might appeal to and therefore gain exposure on the others’ channel.

  1. Be active on replying

While this might seem like a no-brainer, one that even Taylor Swift employs, it is crucial to communicate with followers and subscribers. It comes with no cost and has a high return. Furthermore, without these fans, youtubers would be nothing.

  1. Not being afraid to do whatever it takes

The internet rewards weird content such as makeup with food or office supplies with virality. It does not pay to be safe and conventional. Many YouTube celebs have gone out of their way for increased publicity, from breast augmentation to Botox. Wengie, an Australian beauty guru, worked extremely hard on her blog before moving on to youtube. She made sure all her media platforms were personalized to her brand image and even bought advertisements on facebook to gain exposure. Today, she has been contacted by Cartoon Network to voice the long lost sister of the Powerpuff Girls: Bliss.

Regardless whether a channel has 300 subscribers or 3 million, being passionate about what they do makes them authentic. That is why so many brands reach for influencers these days rather than big name celebrities. It is like swapping out a public figure with an older sibling. Not only are influencers less pricey, consumers are more likely to relate with them and take what they say much more seriously.

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