As everything begins to rapidly convert from analog to digital, we are given the opportunity as a society to really think about how we can take action towards helping our environment. The growth of the internet as well as modern technology has undeniably expedited our transition and they both continue to be a method of going green at a time when our planet needs it the most. Moving towards a greener society might seem difficult, but every day brings a new opportunity to make a change in your lifestyle habits. Here are a few things you can change in your routine to make a rewarding difference.

Work From Home

A great way to decrease the emission of pollutants is to either find a job that is predominantly remote or ask your employer if your current job can be done from home. With the increased use of computers at most – if not all – offices this is not a completely ridiculous request. Spending your days working from home or out of a local coffee shop saves you money as much as it does fuel for public transit or gas for your car.

Tucking yourself into a home office, furnished to your liking and in close proximity of your kitchen is an easy way to reduce waste and help you attempt eating a bit better during a long day, while still remaining in communication with coworkers. Online services such as Skype and email can keep you in touch even when on your couch.

Store Your Documents Online

It’s easy to forget or even disregard the amount of space physical documents take up in a home or office, not to mention the money they cost in printing ink to only be tossed away when they aren’t needed or stored in a cupboard to never be looked at again. The internet is proving itself useful with regards to this by providing storage platforms known as virtual data rooms that help save physical space and the environment.

Virtual data rooms allow you the comfort of keeping your important and confidential documents secure and in your control for the duration of your payment plan. With a VDR you can invite users to view these documents and enable download and print functions (if necessary), all from the comfort of your home or office. Certain providers also offer a feature that allows you to view the room and documents on your mobile device, making this platform available to you at any moment during the day. Whether you’re working from home or are on a long commute to work, you can stay involved and in control of your projects.

Read Digitally

Many would agree that one of the most enjoyable and entertaining pass times is reading. The feeling of cracking open a new book and curling up on the couch or in the bath has been romanticized endlessly, making it evident why this activity transcends generations. However, despite the ease and seeming harmlessness of reading, it’s important to recognize the effect the production of physical books has on the environment.

These days, paperbacks and hard copies are being replaced with the adjustable screen of tablets and for good reason. Much like the virtual data rooms, they save on the production of paper and the amount of space they take to store. Having a virtual bookshelf is a much greener alternative to wall full of books that you might only ever read once.

Take Advantage of Your Phone

Almost everyone in the western world seems to be walking around with a smart phone in their pockets, but not always using them to their full potential. For some, their phones have taken over the use for their computers, so they opt to conduct business and their lives from the screens of their mobile device. This isn’t surprising considering they easily fit into the palm of your hand as well as provide tools to be used on a daily basis, such as shareable calendars and notepads, foregoing the need for physical stationary. This device alone has been a game changer to the green movement, assuming all its capabilities are being used and it’s disposed of properly when replaced with a newer model.

Lifestyle changes, whether big or small, all have the opportunity of creating a greener planet. Our vigilance and determination to make alterations, such as those listed above, will undoubtedly have positive effects on our society and our environment.

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