Ever since we are born our every action is consciously or subconsciously the result of trying to make our lives better than before. Growing is not just a word associated with physical growth. It has more to do with the mind. Self-growth or self-development is needed not just to solve work-related issues. It goes deeper than that. It helps you become the best version of yourself. Once you reach that stage, it is easier to find peace within and be happy with your present situation.

David Michigan, motivational speaker, online life and fitness coach, and health expert says that it can happen when you awaken your inner self. He has a staggering 4 million followers on social media combining both Facebook and Instagram. A model and an actor in his own right, he has been helping people live better through mind techniques like visualization and hypnosis, all through online training. David believes these techniques help create a more positive mind and body image which further helps in having a better life.

He is known especially for his motivational speeches that he uses to train his followers mentally. Bonding with his followers and understanding their needs have made him stand apart among motivational speeakers. He believes once you awaken your inner self, it will be easier to understand what you want from life and finally make your dreams come true. David has helped the participants have a better mindset at Miss Tattoo France and would take part in Miss Tattoo World as well. His speeches and writings have made it to websites like Forbes, Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, Buzzfeed etc.

Inculcating a few good habits can also help in personal growth. We all have it in us to be the best, just that we need some grooming by a mentor like David Michigan. Here are a few habits that you can start practising from today.

  • Have a vision or a goal: Without a goal, life can be aimless. However, do not write down that being successful is your goal, instead have a vision in your mind and try to create a path to walk towards it.
  • Create small goals and daily routine: Having a vision is great , but set smaller goals within realistic time period for yourself. Once you achieve them reward yourself too.
  • Take decisions wisely: Being a great decision maker might very well determine your future. So take your decisions wisely. Analyze whether you have been taking the right track so far and if it has helped you come closer to your ultimate goal.
  • Embrace your faults: Embracing your faults or imperfections is part of the deal. Do not get demotivated by them. Instead, accept them. When you know your shortcoming you will understand your options better, and can take better decisions too.

Finally, have fun in the whole process. Do not take life too seriously. Enjoy every moment, take failure as a learning experience, and get up each time.

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