If you’re not a web developer, then you probably don’t have a strong grasp of what web development really consists of. Which makes sense as to why would you know? However, web development has come a long way from where it originally started from. As technology continues to advance, the way websites are formed change,  and the need for a top custom web design company is constantly rising. If you’re curious about web development, you’re probably wondering what’s going on in the web developing sphere. Let’s take a closer look at the current trends of web development. 

1.Front-end vs. Back-end

Before we start showing you the trends, you need to know that web developers are divided into two different types of people: back-end and front-end developers. All websites have a back and front-end. The front-end of the website it what you see on screen while the back-end of the website is what you don’t see. These two types of developers focus on completely different aspects of the website. Front-end developers focus on aesthetics while the back-end focuses on elements such as the database information and security. 

2. You can build your own website

Many people think that in order to create a website, they need to hire a web designer. If you’re completely new to web developing then having a web designer can help you out, however, it can be expensive. Though, this doesn’t mean you can’t create your own site as now there visual page builders which allow you to create your own websites with a ‘drag and drop’ feature. This makes creating your own site easy to do, however, if you need special customization, you may need a helping hand.

3. Simple Navigation

When you remember a website from ten years ago, most of us remember websites which are decked out with visual images and content. However, current web developing trends are emphasizing the importance of space and simplicity. It’s not about making the visitors overwhelmed with content that they freak out and just buy something. It’s about providing the visitor with a chance to enjoy themselves while exploring the site. The idea is to remove chaos and replace it with ease and user-friendly navigation.

4. Images

Content is everything. Without content, it wouldn’t matter what your website is offering, as your visitor doesn’t see anything of substance on it. Web developers are creating websites which are image heavy, allowing visitors to see the product through striking images rather than lengthy and blocky text. A picture says a thousand words, thus, it allows visitors to see more without having to read more.

5. Product or Feature Videos

In addition to images, feature or product videos are also becoming a huge trend in web design. Companies are incorporating images and videos in order to explain their product or service in the most interesting way with the least amount of time. These short videos aim to bring the brand to life and create a relationship between the brand and visitor. 

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