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Month: April 2018

How Social Media is Changing the Face of Marketing

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Social media has become imprinted in our daily lives. We leave a mark every time we update our followers with photos of what we had for lunch, or what you did during yoga class. Our lives are constantly revolving around updating the internet with what’s going on with our lives and at the same time getting the latest trends. Even businesses have tapped on its capabilities for drawing more profits to the table.

Why digital marketing? For starters, social media is an interactive platform where users voluntarily put their information out there. The accessibility of information makes it easier for businesses to devise marketing strategies targeted specifically for potential buyers without having to invest a hefty sum for paid statistical surveying. Aside from its interactive features, here are the top reasons how digital marketing has transformed the face of marketing and consumerism:


  • Endless Possibilities in Brand Creation


Establishing your brand and creating a reputation in the online market are limitless in social media. Tapping social media for your marketing campaign is one of the most fluid and versatile means of getting your brand out there without having to spend major cash. With the influx of consumer data out in the open, various marketing tools like Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to build a brand that can attract your target market.


  • Creating a community


Your followers in social media allow you to create a community you can interact with. That way, you would be able to determine how they feel about your brand, and which aspects you need to improve on. In a world where customer reviews are a commodity with websites such as Yelp and Amazon putting emphasis on them, a customer-centered approach to marketing has become a rising trend in businesses.


  • Fast and direct communication


Interacting with customers has become easier thanks to social media. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat have proven themselves gamechangers in the face of social media. Despite how social media changes so rapidly with new apps being added and dropped in a matter of weeks, instant messaging remains in demand with WhatsApp having 1 billion users in a 2016 survey as reported from an article by the Economist. Online marketers have jumped into the bandwagon and have employed methods on how to market and reach customers through these apps.


  • Tapping influencers as advertisers


Social media has turned ordinary people into celebrities overnight from viral videos to putting out make-up tutorials and gaming reviews. With over 10,000 followers on social media and a blue checkmark placed beside their usernames, influencers have been hired by different brands for their personalized, word-of-mouth approach. Influencer marketing has gained a competitive edge in the industry due to its tendency to form viral conversations about brands online, according to CBS News.


  • Constant innovation


The swift changes in digital marketing pushes businesses to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the trends or often creating them. To do this, employees must collaborate with different teams and stay updated with developments in social media through continuous education offered by the organization. Having a workforce that is equipped with the technical knowledge of navigating business tools that can study consumer behavior and interpret data from it to form insights will help the organization on mapping out strategies and trends to stay ahead of the pack.

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How Coworking Spaces are Increasing Startup Productivity


I think it’s safe to say that one thing all remote workers can relate to is the struggle of prioritizing work at home.  While many people dream of being able to work from the comfort of their sofa, remote workers often find it difficult to concentrate at home.  Coworking spaces have been increasing in popularity over the last few years, and many remote workers have been opting to work in these shared spaces over their homes.  There are currently thousands of coworking spaces across the globe, with more popping up each day. Coworking is particularly big in Australia, and most Australian cities have several coworking spaces available.  People looking for a coworking space, for example, are likely to find several spaces to choose from.  

Coworking spaces allow remote workers to get out of their house and interact with like-minded people in a setting that encourages networking and creativity.  Many remote workers feel that they are vastly more productive in a coworking setting rather than at home. This is mainly due to the fact that many people tend to thrive in more social environments, as opposed to working in isolation.  Coworking spaces encourages workers to interact with each other, and while it may seem like this would be distracting, it’s actually quite the opposite. People who frequent coworking spaces report actually feeling more productive than when they work at home, and many say that being in the company of other working people makes them feel motivated to succeed in their own work.

Another reason why coworking spaces have become so popular is that it forces people to get out of bed and get ready for the day.  I know firsthand how difficult it can be to stay focused when you’re lounging around the house in your pajamas, so something as simple as getting dressed in the morning can motivate you to be productive in your work.  Coworking forces remote workers to hold themselves accountable for getting dressed and showing up to work each day, something many remote workers wouldn’t have to do otherwise.  In fact, working at a coworking space can often be more motivating than working in a traditional office, since there isn’t a physical “boss” at a coworking space. Many coworkers report feeling more relaxed and stress-free when they are able to work in a setting other than their home or a traditional office space.

Coworking spaces have proven to be effective places for remote workers to get work done in an environment that encourages creativity and personal growth.  Working amongst like-minded people all set out to achieve a common goal is a truly special opportunity that many remote workers would not get to experience outside of a coworking space.  Due to the increasing popularity, more and more coworking spaces have been popping up all over the world, and it will be interesting to see coworking spaces become commonplace in more cities in the future.  

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