Australia is a popular choice for international students – with almost half a million choosing to pursue their studies here every year. Yet, despite that, there’s no getting away from the fact that coming here is an expensive business for those overseas students. In order to obtain a student visa, for example, people need to show they have access to $19,830 a year for living costs, while the average tuition fees for international undergraduates is just under $30,000 a year.

With that in mind, it’s little wonder that international students look for ways to earn some money to fund their time here. Typically, that has meant taking on a role in retail, admin, behind a bar or cleaning. While there’s nothing wrong with this – and these continue to provide perfectly good avenues of employment – they’re far from the only ways for international students to earn their corn while in Australia. This group – containing some of the brightest minds from across the planet – can also think more creatively and tap into their talents to make a few dollars on the side of their studies.

Money making ideas for international students

So, what can entrepreneurial students look to do on the side?

Writing/proofreading: Student are used to writing. A lot. That means they are not daunted by putting complicated concepts into words – and tend to have a flair for expressing themselves. Experienced undergraduates and postgraduates can, therefore, use their experience in this to good effect. Whether it’s helping people to write a CV, offering to help write website copy for businesses or taking on freelance writing assignments, their way with words can be lucrative.

Tutor: International students arrive on these shores with a varied background. Many speak other languages, for example, and can easily put their knowledge of their native tongue to use in helping to teach Australians. Even those who only speak English might have a skill – maybe playing a musical instrument – that they can use to tutor others.

Investing: With very few Australian banks offering savings accounts with an interest rate above 3%, having your money locked up in a bank isn’t especially lucrative. Students with a good idea of how the financial markets work can make their money work harder for them with smart investing. Clearly, they need to know what they are doing and understand the risks involved but students with a strong economic knowledge can, thanks to share trading software, invest smartly in an easy and effective way.

Build websites: Modern day students have the benefit of being digital natives. That means many of the things about the fast-paced smartphone-driven world in which we live that are daunting for businesses really aren’t for students. Many small and medium sized companies need help in designing, building, maintaining and improving their websites and cannot afford for a professional to do this for them. Entrepreneurial students with an eye for coding, knowledge of SEO, a keen eye for copywriting or any development expertise can put this to great use.

Clearly, students’ main focus needs to be their studies. But, by thinking about their strengths – both academic and non-academic – they can be creative with their time and earn themselves a sum of money that will ease the financial burden they face during their time here in Australia.