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Technology is such a powerful element in our lives that there exists no field of our lives it did not infiltrate into: we are guided, supported and led by technology in every second of our lives. At home, the modern day citizen has smart home appliances which make it easier for them to cook, clean and relax, while on the street, the same person utilizes GPS to find their way to the office. Upon reaching the office, the same person uses their smartphone for various purposes, ranging from e-mailing clients to creating a
timesheet app for the next business meeting for more efficiency and success. One specific field where technology did not necessarily infiltrate into the way it did into humans’ home and office lives is the car business, which showed significant progress recently to integrate fundamental technologies into its vehicles but regardless left some more empty room for further innovation. As cars get faster, their fans expect more on the technological side of things and hopefully soon the world will begin to experience the true joy of driving with extremely smart and versatile vehicles if the companies pay attention to such customer demand.

One of the most important aspects of “smart living” is assistance and unfortunately many cars lack such assistance which has created significant demand for such services in the industry. David Kiley for Forbes Magazine reports on Amazon’s Alexa as the new superstar in this field as the company seeks to integrate the software into more cars produced by different brands to aid the drivers in enjoying their ride with the safety of a smart co-pilot. Kiley speaks of the latest deal with Toyota which will make it possible for drivers and passengers to “get directions, control in-car infotainment services and perform all the other ask-and-answer functions Alexa delivers in the home application” while enjoying their ride  to the fullest extent. By connecting their home and car versions of Alexa together, users can enjoy a seamless and integrated living experience and the idea is so good that Amazon managed to strike a deal with other car producers such as Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan as well. Once Alexa begins to dominate the office life too, its users will be living in a world of their own creation and choices to be able to elevate their life standards to higher security and technical complexity to reserve more time to enjoy their time at home, in the office or while driving.

The safety of riding a self-driving car is an unquestionable advantage the vehicle provides to its users but it comes with a couple of glitches along the way. Brian Fung for The Washington Post reports on Ford Motor Company’s new project in collaboration with Stanford University and founder Jerry Yang, namely Civil Maps for Waze, which is a database of detailed maps for such cars. The problem is that these cars require human input for the first trial which is a big hassle for those interested in time and effort efficiency. By utilizing real life drivers and their contributions, the system intends on creating a database of valuable information including maps, traffic information, images and videos to help self-driving cars optimize their passengers’ ride. So far, the project has received 6.6 million dollars of investment but considering Ford Motor Company’s position in it, it is understood that in the future when it becomes more popularized, the numbers will increase as well. The system allows real-time input from its users that makes it possible to resolve real-time problems through intelligent solutions brought in by its users which means that the system depends on its users as much as the users depend on it which promotes trust and fidelity between the two camps.   

Naturally, car producers are not falling behind in this pursuit either and Mercedes-Benz is one of the leading car producers in the world that has stepped into the game. Darrel Etherington for The Huffington Global reports on the company’s latest innovation, MBUX smart multimedia system and in-car voice assistant which the company is directly installing in its newest models. The system utilizes the world’s pioneer video card producer Nvidia’s latest GPU technology to provide excellent visuals of the road, the maps or any other information demanded by the user while also providing services such as internet connectivity, social media and weather forecasts. The system also has a great user interface with interactive animations which is compatible with both Google’s Android and Iphone’s iOs and is also quite simplistic to make itself accessible to all of its users. As a result of this innovation, Mercedes-Benz gained significant respect in the eyes of its fans along with the tech geeks who are closely following the developments in the smart cars industry daily and hopefully the company will continue to innovate in this field to provide even smarter and more utile systems to help its drivers with their needs as they are driving their state-of-the-art cars.