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Month: October 2018

How the wrong VPN can be more risky than no VPN


Cyber security can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not too familiar with the Internet world. The average person on the Internet may think they are doing everything correct to avoid any risks or danger, but there is a chance you might not be doing everything to protect yourself and exposing yourself to an extraordinary level of risk.

In the event that your cyber security protection service incorporates the use of the wrong VPN, you could be accidentally placing yourself in a much more terrible position than if you had no protection at all

Most common cyber security blunders

Neglecting cyber security and risking not having any security measures isn’t an option today, however there are still a lot of individuals who disregard taking proper cyber security measures. Common mistakes we often make with cyber security is that we often get lazy to update our security software, set up firewalls, choose a safe reputable VPN provider.  If this sounds like you, you are in trouble for leaving gaps in your security and inviting hackers and malware into your computer.

Often times, people often every level of security set up on their computers, but ignore the risks of using cloud-based services without the right protection or use a public Wi-Fi connection without encryption.

Not having the correct security measures can make you or your organization extremely vulnerable for trouble.

Conduct research in finding the best VPN

A lot of the times companies and individuals set-up a VPN with the right intentions, but due to lack of research it may backfire. The individual might think that they have set up an appropriate encryption system that will keep their data and online activities secure, but unintentionally puts their data at risk by choosing an untrustworthy VPN provider.

How do you choose the best VPN to reduce you vulnerability? Here are a few things you need to consider choosing a VPN:

  • Protocols – the stronger the encryption, the superior
  • Factor in the Price – If it is free or cheap, it might not be the best
  • Bandwidth Caps and Uptime – higher it is the better
  • Servers and Server Locations – more servers equals better service
  • VPN Location’s Switchings – switching servers
  • Standards and regulations – Make sure it is compatible in your country and follows the rules and regulations of that country
  • Review VPN provider’s reputation

Many people wonder about the free VPNs, there are several free ones floating on the Internet but they are not recommended.

In conclusion, not all cyber security and data protection measures are made equivalent. Having no measures is absolutely unwise, but adding the wrong protection without any research can be even worse.

The New Trends in Web Development: A Journey Back in Time


The digital age keeps on pushing new frontiers and mesmerizing people each passing day – and websites play an integral role in such a reality. As the digitalization trend continues to expand the cyberspace, website development, content management, image, video and sound design as well as coding/programming gain more relevance as an occupation or hobby for millions of enthusiastic individuals.

The developing technologies and techniques catalyze this trend, which means internet companies, social media agencies, and online news outlets all require talented and educated personnel specializing in these fields. Web development stands out as the most important among all of the mentioned specialties. Constructive and innovative developers have a significant impact on market performance, popularity, and profitability, making them the sought-after employees for various types of online businesses.

With the issue of web development, having the necessary digital tools makes all the difference. Since most companies are indulging into the cyber domain with no hesitation or reservation, the search for great software developers becomes a hustle for them.

Most developers complain about the need to put up with infrastructural burdens as they end up spending countless hours just to build a framework for further applications. To tackle the issue, they rely on open-source systems such as Native Script, which eliminates the need for developers to work in groups in order to accomplish simple features. The introduction of JSS and CSS have made HTML-based development more content-oriented while JavaScript gave extreme flexibility and control over the web development processes.

In addition, reusable components and content enable new generations of developers to take on a multitude of challenges all at once while optimization efforts ensure that the finalized project is impressive. Subsequently, the customer has become more important in today’s world of web development. Developers and companies save a lot of time and effort by focusing on customer expectations as opposed to previous technical difficulties and obstructions, enjoying the benefits of virtually limitless communications with the Customer.

In today’s popular culture and consumerist society, trends are important to move units of profit and web development is no different than any other field of business. The 90’s are making a comeback in the sector as more and more developers are utilizing 90’s based themes to attract the attention of millennials who do not even remember these years. The idea is to invoke a sense of reprisal using symbols and motifs relating back to these years in order to recreate that feeling of progress and intuition for the future developments to come.

The ‘anti-design’ movement incorporates simplistic layouts and symbols to overhaul the sentiment that websites are designed by hand. Animated GIFs, for instance, are pretty common in such websites as they all are intended to freshen up the image of simplicity and raise attention to the relevance of content and not the presentation. AltaVista and Geocities are always great references to make use of the genius behind early works of the internet to remind the visitor of simpler yet more powerful times.

The internet era before Facebook and Myspace provides excellent insight into the minds of the developers who sought to utilize their existent capabilities to provide the best experience for their website visitors. This gives today’s highly capable developers the opportunity to maximize their performance on a more philosophical level.

The new trend in today’s website development is to make ugly, unattractive, and imperfect websites. Called “Web brutalism”, this approach is influenced by the works of Pascal Deville, the creative director of the “Freundliche Grüsse” agency in Zurich, Switzerland. Deville founded ‘’ in 2014 to create designs of “ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy” and reflect the true expectations of the new generation of internet users against “the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today’s Web design.”

Receiving more than 100 site submissions daily, mostly consisting of streamlined applications or very simple handmade HTML code, the site also offers a Q&A section for coders and designers to initiate discussions of creativity and originality. Jake Tobin of states that he enjoys brutalism in web design because the movement does not have predefined aesthetic values or principles and therefore it becomes possible to overcome boundaries with ease. Similarly, Nathaniel Smith of believes that best practices should be avoided at all costs in web design and an uncontrollable movement such as brutalism enables coders and designers to challenge the status quo and seek originality.

Winning and Losing in the New Digital Age: Cryptocurrencies Demand Your Attention


Digital money has entered the lives of investors rather fast in recent years while the public has also developed a significant interest in the issue. The recent popularity of Bitcoin, a digital currency that can be traded through global information networks at significantly high values, has raised further interest in both parties, making headlines in several respected news outlets. Whether it be websites offering buying and selling options for numerous different currencies or a cryptocurrency blog that provides useful information about technicalities, the cyber domain is also full of options and possibilities but it all comes with a cost: the risk of receiving the wrong type of information and losing money. The ecstasy of earning easy money is always attractive but without a proper assessment of risks and opportunities, it is an equally dominant possibility to lose significant sums of money in an environment of volatility and insecurity.

Bitcoin’s strong reception and acceptance among the public can be attributed to a number of reasons but according to Ameer Rosic of Huffington Post, it all can be summarized in three points: its revolutionary approach to financial services, alternative storing of value and socio-cultural renovation. When Bitcoin was first introduced to the world in 2010, it was a mystery to most with people not understanding its complex mathematical algorithm and questioning its suspicious origins. Today, several large investment firms such as Santander and JP Morgan are carrying out multi-million dollar research projects to enter the Bitcoin markets with a strong hand. This means that soon digital transactions will take over several banking procedures as more people and companies will begin to trust and use such instantaneous, cheap and safe operations. Rosic also takes notice of how Bitcoin can be used to fight inflation and economic turmoil as the technology has a built-in deflation mechanism with an upper limit of 21 million coins to exist at all times, under all conditions. The current monetary system operates on the necessity of printing new money periodically which brings down value per unit of transaction. With Bitcoin however, the process of ‘halving’ ensures that every miner receives half of the value for each coin they mine until the year 2140 when all the 21 million coins will have been mined by a global network of investors, coming from all sorts of different backgrounds.

Local superstars are already emerging out of the chaos and the country of Georgia, a rather small and modest economy in the world, has already become a major player in the game. Since mining for cryptocurrencies requires only compatible hardware and software, the interest in the process is growing especially in the developed world where newer generations have access to computers, smartphones and similar technologies. In Georgia, Bitcoin communities encourage their members to solve complex mathematical puzzles to reward them with blocks of Bitcoin or similar currencies and record their earnings in digital databases. The country also enjoys relatively cheap rates for hydropower with low governmental regulation and is currently following China in the leaders’ board for cryptocurrency mining. An American tech firm called ‘Bitfury’ is providing the necessary computer technology and database structure for Georgian miners in the country’s capital city of Tbilisi. A Georgian political party recently held a fund-raising event using cryptocurrencies, which attracted significant interest among supporters who used their computers to mine for coins and support their political movement. A miner named Buzhaidze is a member of the growing miner army in Georgia and is currently earning $800 monthly using an app on his smartphone, mining a currency called Zcash while paying approximately $80 for his electricity bill. Buzhaidze believes that soon banks will be replaced by the new technology and cryptocurrency mining will save Georgia from its current state of economic poverty and social instability.

The cryptocurrency market had a rough year in 2018 as the prices for digital tokens plummeted, while the masses still remained uninterested in the game, at least in the United States with regulators increasing scrutiny and retailers refusing to accept bitcoins as a payment method. An ambitious financial firm ‘Fidelity Investments’ on the other hand is taking a leap of faith by creating a separate firm to introduce cryptocurrency trading to institutional investors named ‘Dubbed Fidelity Digital Assets’, providing custody services, an online platform and advisory to such investors. With the CME Group and CBOE World Markets launching their Bitcoin operations this year, Fidelity wishes to validate cryptocurrencies in the eyes of investors and help them grow their client base further on as most customers are shying away from cryptocurrencies due to price fluctuations and inadequate regulatory provisions. According to Jason Davis of Hoard, another crypto and fiat currency-trading platform, Fidelity’s struggles to bring validity to the cryptocurrencies market is well received by its players. Working as a Senior UX Designer at Wells Fargo simultaneously, Davis has noticed first-hand the suspicion that is bugging investors regarding cryptocurrency investments and believes that intermediaries such as Fidelity will help develop confidence in such investors.

Overcoming common social media marketing challenges


Social instinct or social media? Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. We do everything on social media now, whether it is communicating with our family/friends or conducting business. Today there are approximately 2.3 billion active social media users globally.  According to statistics, about 81% of Americans are active on social media platforms.

We are just surrounded by social media everywhere, since we are so attached to our handheld devices. So, naturally what is the best place for companies to conduct business and advertise? The answer is: Social Media. Digital marketing and SEO services are extremely crucial to many companies and they are taking all the steps to perfect it. Companies seem to have figured out the yes and no’s of social media marketing. However the realm of social media changes so quickly, new challenges arise all the time. Below are some of the most common social marketing challenges that companies face today, lets take a look.

  • Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your company might have an idea of what needs to be accomplished, but perhaps not how and with which social media strategy? A social media marketing strategy should be thought out as a roadmap to your goals. Create a concrete social media strategy, make sure its well thought out. Keep in mind 3 important factors:

  • Why you are on a social media platform: Being on social media for the sake of just existing is one of the fastest ways to waste valuable resources and time. As a company, ask why your business is on social media and what do you want to achieve from it.
  • Next you need to ask, how will we succeed? Figure out who you might use as influencers, will there be a lot of video content, powerful images and how much will our paid advertising budget be.
  • Figure out how your company will measure success, you need key metrics and stats. Will it be broken into days, weeks and or months? Breaking it down, will allow you to focus on daily activities while also keeping in mind the bigger picture.
  • Consistently creating captivating content

Managing social media platforms can become quite tedious and time consuming. In order to create good captivating content, staying creative and original can be one of the biggest social media marketing challenge to overcome. The usual checklist for a social media manager can be endless, but it is usually: create, curate, schedule, monitor progress, communicate with followers, update content and reuse it on various social profiles.

All of that can become extremely time consuming, there are several less time consuming tactics which may be used.

Some examples are; openness and transparency, powerful and original images and simply being interactive with the client or customer.

  • Sharing your content to a large impactful audience

Once you have curated great content for your social media channels, it is not necessary that people will surely follow. Promoting the right content, partnering with the right influencers, brands and capturing the right audience can be a whole new challenge itself.  Lets say if you have a small following, but that small group of followers takes your content seriously and is reactive, then the chances are other people with similar tastes and interests will also enjoy your content. However, the question then becomes, how do you reach these people?

So to solve this challenge, there are a few steps, which you can take to overcome it.

  • Design an outreach email; send it your friends, family, other business owners
  • Get in touch with influencers, either through your connections or a simple tweet or direct message
  • Join LinkedIn groups and social forums online to your niche market
  • Get other companies and brands to share your content
  • Syndicate your content
  • Ask questions and respond to your followers comments or concerns
  • Explore different ways to encourage sharing on social media and diversify

One thing that social media managers should always avoid is a repetition of a specific formula. Just because it had worked several times, does not mean it will work endlessly. Innovation and sharing is key for social media marketing success. Often social media managers find a tactic that worked a few times and then they keep going back to that method over and over again, even though results might be declining.

To be unique and experimental, think from your audience’s perspective for a minute. Before making it an official post on social media, always ask yourself “Is this something I would find amusing, informational, would I comment on this, like it and share it on my social media? If the result is no in your head, then it is definitely not going to catch your audience’s attention.

Excellent ways to overcome that challenge and recipe to create appealing content is;

Become great at story telling, as a social media manager it is crucial you develop that habit. Use a lot of emotional appeal to your post, depending on what your target market is and what your business is.

The key is to create a plan, a structure and lots of creativity. Some methods may not work for every business; try what works best for your company. Know your channels, your audience and market thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods as you go along, learn from your mistakes and stay focused.

Technology is creating safer home environments and living conditions


Home security has been always been an important factor when one is making a house purchase. Previously, home security was limited to getting several different types of locks and maybe installing a couple of small cameras around the house. This would a lot of times lead to people losing their keys and struggling to get into their own houses. In recent years, however, there have been many technological innovations in the field of home security. The advancements range from more accessible locksmith options to even fully smart technology implemented in the house. Now, it is easier than ever, therefore, to correctly analyze and implement suitable home security technologies. Here are a few of the latest innovations which one can use while updating the security of one’s home.

Lighthouse is one of the most recent home security cameras and it comes with many smart home features that make it unique. One of the many reasons this camera is recommended is because of the easy installation process. This camera can identify between different 3 D objects. However, the feature that really sets this camera apart is its artificial intelligence component and the smartphone app. The app allows the camera to have show specific footage and even give commands and set reminders.

Another reliable home monitoring and security system is SimpliSafe. There are many features that make this a preferable home security system. It is a system that is recommended for both big and small houses and has sensors that detect objects quickly. It is also considered an affordable alternative to most home security technologies and offers several customizations. Moreover, SimpliSafe allows its users to customize the different alarm triggers in order to make sure the alarm is more dependable. It also has several add-ons and can be connected to various different smart home technologies such as Amazon Alexa and soon to be integrated Google Home.

For people who prefer to have a home security system that can be installed by oneself Abode is one of the most affordable choices. However, the ease of integration that Abode allows does not reflect on the advanced features it contains. Abode offers features like motion detectors as well as door sensors. Moreover, the system can be easily connected to Amazon Alexa, giving it an extra touch of technological innovation. There are, as in the aforementioned systems, several add-ons that come with Abode that the users can choose to implement if required.

The home security system one decides to implement relies on the different requirements of each individual. The factors that the choice can depend on can range from the neighborhood in which one resides to the number of hours and weeks one spends outside the household. However, it is necessary to understand that there is a need for home security in each household. One study even demonstrated that offenders were 60% less likely to go into a house with a security alarm.  The options of home security technologies are vast and it is advised to be implemented as the results for the users are safety and security.

Expanding an empire – Ecommerce in food & beverages


The food and beverages industry has been a strong empire for many, many years, but now ecommerce is taking it to new, unforeseen heights. Hospitality demands fresh produce and ideas to keep it flourishing, and we are seeing the implementation of winning ideas bringing the industry ever-higher, including a coffee of the month club for some cafes or a diner’s club membership for some restaurants. Of all these ideas, however, the most transformative are those driven by ecommerce; the future of the entire planet is deemed to be going digital, and so ecommerce is the pioneering force of modernising and transforming industries ahead of the complete takeover – including the food and beverages industry.

Opening a successful restaurant, café, food truck, or other food institution ultimately opens up a sense of community and inspiration that drives new ideas and the sensations of taste to unprecedented heights. For every hospitality business, there are aspects and concepts that subconsciously work for or against them. The introduction of ecommerce into any industry is renowned for being a definitive game changer. In the food and beverage industry specifically, however, there are two core waves of ecommerce that are sweeping across the sector, strengthening and improving it, and steadily preparing it for the digital future we are so obviously barrelling towards.

The food and beverages industry is unique in that its products genuinely must be the freshest they can possibly be. One of the most valuable transformations of e-commerce has been borne in the wake of the move to digital shopping for food and beverages.

As more hospitality businesses – whether it be the supermarket giants that carry the items on everyone’s shopping lists, or the pre-made meal plans available through sites – take their plans online, more are finding themselves faced with the reality that taking the hospitality industry online requires more forethought and intricate processing than other industries does.

Food specifically must be fresh when it arrives at a customer’s door; people are not going to pay for product that has gone bad in its journey to them. All food must be delivered overnight or at the very latest within 48 hours. Any longer than this maximum deadline and you risk contamination and loss of customer trust and loyalty.

Your hospitality business is only as successful as your inclusions of a potentially global market. That is why it is so important to have payment options available that cater to most people (ideally, to all).

Giving your consumers the choice of how they pay is how you appeal to the vast majority of your possible consumer base. The food and beverages sector thrives on providing customers with the best, so it only makes sense that providing them with the best availability of payment options is the next logical step in ensuring your customer trust and loyalty.

The food industry is the most integral to human survival, so opting and pushing towards making sure your business in the hospitality industry offers the best of everything is exactly how you ensure the longevity of your business model and methods – and, most importantly, the happiness of your customers… both existing and prospective.

Used cars are on the rise despite not being eco-friendly


Buying a car is a big investment, therefore it is necessary to consider one’s options. The options available in the current generation are many, from fully automatic cars to manual cars. There are a lot of different ways in which the innovations in the automotive industry have influenced buyers’ perspectives. One can even purchase a car depending on the brand, the color, and other physical features of the automotive. But, one of the most important decisions to take as a new car owner is whether or not one wants a “new car.” There are many benefits of both buying a new and used car. This is the reason why a lot of companies focus on purchasing used cars. Companies usually offer a cash for car quote for used cars which can be of benefit to the customer in the future. As there are reasons companies purchase used cars, there are reasons individuals do as well.  For instance, if one is learning how to drive, or is a student, many believe that buying a used car is beneficial. The car one chooses also depends a lot on the funds available to them and the investment one is willing to make. However, here are a few reasons to support purchasing a used car.

Buying a used car will obviously be less expensive than buying a new car. Moreover, a lot of used cars have been bought quite recently, hence they are good as new. Buying used cars from reputable sources assure that one can purchase a car at the best value. Because of the reduced prices of used cars, customers are more likely to pay in full rather than through loans or payment plans. Loans and payment plans are fairly common while purchasing a new car, and experts suggest that these payments are many times the cause of lower wealth. Therefore, one can save up more buying used cars.

It is a known fact that new cars have big depreciation, especially in the first year. Therefore, it is a better investment to buy a used car. Since automobiles depreciate in value the quickest, it is necessary to make sure one has the funds to afford a new car. There are also several cars which are better bought used than new because of the depreciation costs. These are some of the best value cars, with features of new cars and the cost of used cars.

There are several other reasons to consider buying a used car. This is the reason why the sales for used cars are increasing, as buying a used car is a better investment. Another benefit of buying a used car is that the insurance costs of used cars are generally lower. Moreover, for new and younger drivers, a lot of families consider more affordable automobiles. Although the current generation believes in providing their young children with cars with extra safety features, buying a used car of the year 2012 and after is considered beneficial. Overall, both used and new cars have benefits and the purchase ultimately depends on one’s funds and the costs one is willing to incur.

The Changing Business Paradigm: Online Entrepreneurship as a Utile Function


Business grows and business slows, as many have experienced or observed in their careers and the cure for such stagnation is entrepreneurship. As a notion, entrepreneurship refers to developing and implementing new business ideas to promote economic activity and market growth, making it possible for new companies to enter the markets or existing ones to enhance their businesses. Online entrepreneurship is a relatively new phenomenon which takes the given procedure to a digital level, enabling producers and consumers to engage into business through the internet. Whether it be a news website dedicated to technology, an online retailer of goods or a new social media outlet, online entrepreneurship opens new frontiers for business in the new world. It is up to those with a smart business mindset to take advantage of the situation and connect the dots.

Information is key for business and online journalism has become more important than ever, both as a mediator of ideas and as a business. Online entrepreneurs such as Sam Apple have taken notice of the current crisis is printed media to start companies such as ‘The Faster Times’, a web publication that was created using open-source software at an ever affordable price tag of $20,000. Apple recruited numerous jobless writers in New York to offer them 75% of all advertisement revenues as salary, in turn making them business partners. Apple believes that the problem with printed media is that the customers are expected to pay for the ‘freight’, meaning that paying for the print services has been rendered unnecessary. The online entrepreneur realized that by using advertisement revenue, the given constraint could be eradicated which led to success with his online journal. The Faster Times went online with a lavish party in a Manhattan bookstore last July with correspondents from 20 different countries reporting on a variety of subjects including food, science, travel and arts, receiving appraisal from its readers. It seems as if Apple and his team have solved the crisis of American journalism by implementing a new business scheme and retaining journalistic integrity.

What is the key for success in online entrepreneurship? According to Jennifer Trask of The Huffington Post, there exists a formula. Online entrepreneurs should save money for taxes, as the legal complications arising from illegality might lead to sever financial consequences. Such entrepreneurs should not compare their projects with others for the sake of retaining confidence. Getting quality leads is necessary and those who can do it faster are automatically more successful. Seeking for professional aid is required because confidence does not pay bills: profits do and there are people who know how to make money from online operations. Building a large email list does not hurt anyone because it enables the entrepreneur to reach out to the right people and promote their services/products. Keeping successful people around one’s self is crucial because it becomes possible to learn from their ideas and experiences. Having the capability to say no is important because the current market paradigm has a habit of pushing new projects into oblivion, leading to dead ends. Finally, having fun while working is necessitated because neither the employees nor the clients want to have a bad time with the project. All in all, in order to succeed as an online entrepreneur, one should pay attention to finances,   legality and quality to ensure a safe and profitable ride.

The Silicon Valley is a landmark in today’s globalist capitalism and Vivek Wadhwa of The Washington Post believes that online entrepreneurs should follow its lead. Digital infrastructure is a necessity in today’s global business and the Valley’s habit of promoting new ideas is a key element in its success. Facebook literally took its entire modus operandi from previous projects such as MySpace and Friendster and currently the company is copying Snapchat with its Facebook Stories and Facebook Live is almost a replica of Meerkat and Periscope. “Knowledge is sharing,” says Wadhwa and building on previous ideas by utilizing new and fresh ones from others is totally acceptable. This way, the online entrepreneur might utilize the feedback given to other projects to perfect it and create a better one. Companies such as Apple have been killing imitations by constantly producing new products and therefore such interactions are necessary for constant innovation and most definitely are not a strategy to be frowned upon.

Building an online presence is crucial in digital marketing


No one knows who coined the term “Google It”, but it has been a catch phrase that has elevated the way business is conducted. Whether a searching for a close restaurant, nearest gas station, or even where to find baby food, this term answers whatever is being searched. However, there is much to be said for digital marketing and how the algorithms work.

For many consumers, there is little thought put into how an item populates onto their device searches. Many simply push a button, or type the words into a search bar. Realistically, there is a great need for this focus, and if a company or business has not worked to provide additional details, there is a greater chance of being lost in the world wide web. These tools can be small and unseen by the consumer.

This would be classified under Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O. can look like specific pages on a website that are geared to a topic. It may also include backlinks to those same pages, where a backlink is another page or website on the internet that connects to that original page. These are not challenging to accomplish, but can be if the company does not know where to turn, or how to accomplish their goals.

In many cases, companies do not even know they are not found or what they are lacking. This is where a SEO agency is useful. With the specific knowledge these teams provide, overall enhancement and visibility on the internet is likely. Help on these tasks may not only be about S.E.O., but can extend to include research into a specific market and how a company can not only enter that field, but reach a more targeted market.

There is also the overall online presence the company portrays. To have a team utilize all their resources to hone to the development of a proper niche is only one aspect. This same team should be able to develop a marketing plan that reaches every corner of social media as well. It may be a Facebook advertisement, or it may include using a different type of purchased marketing like AdWords. Alternatively, it may also mean a complete overhaul of the online site is necessary, through design, images or content. Either way, knowing how consumers behave and how the algorithms work and are changing the internet can increase exposure in the digital world.

A correct marketing plan should also include a move to device management, which broadly stated is defined as the ability for a website to be accessed through handheld or similar devices. In many cases, websites are not designed through a dedicated mobile application which decreases online visibility. An online digital agency can assist in these aspects and increase online visibility, and can produce the difference between being not found online, or being the top of the list when someone decides to “Google It”.

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