No one knows who coined the term “Google It”, but it has been a catch phrase that has elevated the way business is conducted. Whether a searching for a close restaurant, nearest gas station, or even where to find baby food, this term answers whatever is being searched. However, there is much to be said for digital marketing and how the algorithms work.

For many consumers, there is little thought put into how an item populates onto their device searches. Many simply push a button, or type the words into a search bar. Realistically, there is a great need for this focus, and if a company or business has not worked to provide additional details, there is a greater chance of being lost in the world wide web. These tools can be small and unseen by the consumer.

This would be classified under Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O. can look like specific pages on a website that are geared to a topic. It may also include backlinks to those same pages, where a backlink is another page or website on the internet that connects to that original page. These are not challenging to accomplish, but can be if the company does not know where to turn, or how to accomplish their goals.

In many cases, companies do not even know they are not found or what they are lacking. This is where a SEO agency is useful. With the specific knowledge these teams provide, overall enhancement and visibility on the internet is likely. Help on these tasks may not only be about S.E.O., but can extend to include research into a specific market and how a company can not only enter that field, but reach a more targeted market.

There is also the overall online presence the company portrays. To have a team utilize all their resources to hone to the development of a proper niche is only one aspect. This same team should be able to develop a marketing plan that reaches every corner of social media as well. It may be a Facebook advertisement, or it may include using a different type of purchased marketing like AdWords. Alternatively, it may also mean a complete overhaul of the online site is necessary, through design, images or content. Either way, knowing how consumers behave and how the algorithms work and are changing the internet can increase exposure in the digital world.

A correct marketing plan should also include a move to device management, which broadly stated is defined as the ability for a website to be accessed through handheld or similar devices. In many cases, websites are not designed through a dedicated mobile application which decreases online visibility. An online digital agency can assist in these aspects and increase online visibility, and can produce the difference between being not found online, or being the top of the list when someone decides to “Google It”.