Home security has been always been an important factor when one is making a house purchase. Previously, home security was limited to getting several different types of locks and maybe installing a couple of small cameras around the house. This would a lot of times lead to people losing their keys and struggling to get into their own houses. In recent years, however, there have been many technological innovations in the field of home security. The advancements range from more accessible locksmith options to even fully smart technology implemented in the house. Now, it is easier than ever, therefore, to correctly analyze and implement suitable home security technologies. Here are a few of the latest innovations which one can use while updating the security of one’s home.

Lighthouse is one of the most recent home security cameras and it comes with many smart home features that make it unique. One of the many reasons this camera is recommended is because of the easy installation process. This camera can identify between different 3 D objects. However, the feature that really sets this camera apart is its artificial intelligence component and the smartphone app. The app allows the camera to have show specific footage and even give commands and set reminders.

Another reliable home monitoring and security system is SimpliSafe. There are many features that make this a preferable home security system. It is a system that is recommended for both big and small houses and has sensors that detect objects quickly. It is also considered an affordable alternative to most home security technologies and offers several customizations. Moreover, SimpliSafe allows its users to customize the different alarm triggers in order to make sure the alarm is more dependable. It also has several add-ons and can be connected to various different smart home technologies such as Amazon Alexa and soon to be integrated Google Home.

For people who prefer to have a home security system that can be installed by oneself Abode is one of the most affordable choices. However, the ease of integration that Abode allows does not reflect on the advanced features it contains. Abode offers features like motion detectors as well as door sensors. Moreover, the system can be easily connected to Amazon Alexa, giving it an extra touch of technological innovation. There are, as in the aforementioned systems, several add-ons that come with Abode that the users can choose to implement if required.

The home security system one decides to implement relies on the different requirements of each individual. The factors that the choice can depend on can range from the neighborhood in which one resides to the number of hours and weeks one spends outside the household. However, it is necessary to understand that there is a need for home security in each household. One study even demonstrated that offenders were 60% less likely to go into a house with a security alarm.  The options of home security technologies are vast and it is advised to be implemented as the results for the users are safety and security.