Social instinct or social media? Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. We do everything on social media now, whether it is communicating with our family/friends or conducting business. Today there are approximately 2.3 billion active social media users globally.  According to statistics, about 81% of Americans are active on social media platforms.

We are just surrounded by social media everywhere, since we are so attached to our handheld devices. So, naturally what is the best place for companies to conduct business and advertise? The answer is: Social Media. Digital marketing and SEO services are extremely crucial to many companies and they are taking all the steps to perfect it. Companies seem to have figured out the yes and no’s of social media marketing. However the realm of social media changes so quickly, new challenges arise all the time. Below are some of the most common social marketing challenges that companies face today, lets take a look.

  • Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your company might have an idea of what needs to be accomplished, but perhaps not how and with which social media strategy? A social media marketing strategy should be thought out as a roadmap to your goals. Create a concrete social media strategy, make sure its well thought out. Keep in mind 3 important factors:

  • Why you are on a social media platform: Being on social media for the sake of just existing is one of the fastest ways to waste valuable resources and time. As a company, ask why your business is on social media and what do you want to achieve from it.
  • Next you need to ask, how will we succeed? Figure out who you might use as influencers, will there be a lot of video content, powerful images and how much will our paid advertising budget be.
  • Figure out how your company will measure success, you need key metrics and stats. Will it be broken into days, weeks and or months? Breaking it down, will allow you to focus on daily activities while also keeping in mind the bigger picture.
  • Consistently creating captivating content

Managing social media platforms can become quite tedious and time consuming. In order to create good captivating content, staying creative and original can be one of the biggest social media marketing challenge to overcome. The usual checklist for a social media manager can be endless, but it is usually: create, curate, schedule, monitor progress, communicate with followers, update content and reuse it on various social profiles.

All of that can become extremely time consuming, there are several less time consuming tactics which may be used.

Some examples are; openness and transparency, powerful and original images and simply being interactive with the client or customer.

  • Sharing your content to a large impactful audience

Once you have curated great content for your social media channels, it is not necessary that people will surely follow. Promoting the right content, partnering with the right influencers, brands and capturing the right audience can be a whole new challenge itself.  Lets say if you have a small following, but that small group of followers takes your content seriously and is reactive, then the chances are other people with similar tastes and interests will also enjoy your content. However, the question then becomes, how do you reach these people?

So to solve this challenge, there are a few steps, which you can take to overcome it.

  • Design an outreach email; send it your friends, family, other business owners
  • Get in touch with influencers, either through your connections or a simple tweet or direct message
  • Join LinkedIn groups and social forums online to your niche market
  • Get other companies and brands to share your content
  • Syndicate your content
  • Ask questions and respond to your followers comments or concerns
  • Explore different ways to encourage sharing on social media and diversify

One thing that social media managers should always avoid is a repetition of a specific formula. Just because it had worked several times, does not mean it will work endlessly. Innovation and sharing is key for social media marketing success. Often social media managers find a tactic that worked a few times and then they keep going back to that method over and over again, even though results might be declining.

To be unique and experimental, think from your audience’s perspective for a minute. Before making it an official post on social media, always ask yourself “Is this something I would find amusing, informational, would I comment on this, like it and share it on my social media? If the result is no in your head, then it is definitely not going to catch your audience’s attention.

Excellent ways to overcome that challenge and recipe to create appealing content is;

Become great at story telling, as a social media manager it is crucial you develop that habit. Use a lot of emotional appeal to your post, depending on what your target market is and what your business is.

The key is to create a plan, a structure and lots of creativity. Some methods may not work for every business; try what works best for your company. Know your channels, your audience and market thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods as you go along, learn from your mistakes and stay focused.