Cyber security can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not too familiar with the Internet world. The average person on the Internet may think they are doing everything correct to avoid any risks or danger, but there is a chance you might not be doing everything to protect yourself and exposing yourself to an extraordinary level of risk.

In the event that your cyber security protection service incorporates the use of the wrong VPN, you could be accidentally placing yourself in a much more terrible position than if you had no protection at all

Most common cyber security blunders

Neglecting cyber security and risking not having any security measures isn’t an option today, however there are still a lot of individuals who disregard taking proper cyber security measures. Common mistakes we often make with cyber security is that we often get lazy to update our security software, set up firewalls, choose a safe reputable VPN provider.  If this sounds like you, you are in trouble for leaving gaps in your security and inviting hackers and malware into your computer.

Often times, people often every level of security set up on their computers, but ignore the risks of using cloud-based services without the right protection or use a public Wi-Fi connection without encryption.

Not having the correct security measures can make you or your organization extremely vulnerable for trouble.

Conduct research in finding the best VPN

A lot of the times companies and individuals set-up a VPN with the right intentions, but due to lack of research it may backfire. The individual might think that they have set up an appropriate encryption system that will keep their data and online activities secure, but unintentionally puts their data at risk by choosing an untrustworthy VPN provider.

How do you choose the best VPN to reduce you vulnerability? Here are a few things you need to consider choosing a VPN:

  • Protocols – the stronger the encryption, the superior
  • Factor in the Price – If it is free or cheap, it might not be the best
  • Bandwidth Caps and Uptime – higher it is the better
  • Servers and Server Locations – more servers equals better service
  • VPN Location’s Switchings – switching servers
  • Standards and regulations – Make sure it is compatible in your country and follows the rules and regulations of that country
  • Review VPN provider’s reputation

Many people wonder about the free VPNs, there are several free ones floating on the Internet but they are not recommended.

In conclusion, not all cyber security and data protection measures are made equivalent. Having no measures is absolutely unwise, but adding the wrong protection without any research can be even worse.