Home is a place where we have complete and utter control. Everything that goes on, or in, the home is (in most cases) there because the homeowner wants it to be. For some homeowners, their pride is the gorgeous stone freestanding bath that is the timeless centrepiece in their main bathroom. For others, it is the movie room that houses an at-home cinema-style space. There are areas and pieces within all homes that bring them together and make them truly feel like home for the homeowner. It could be the kitchen, the gym, the bedroom, or it could be the couch, the dining table, or the books that adorn the little library room.

These days, the most common innovations in the home are becoming, more and more often, minimalistic touches that elevate the home and give it a subtle hint of the ‘wow’ factor. One such minimalistic touch that continues to find its way into more and more homes as time goes on, is the smart home product. While technology has given way to many thought-provoking concepts and ideologies, the evolution of the smart home – and all its products – is undeniably the most full-circle of them all. Leading the charge in home technology and the evolution of the smart home is industry giant Google.

Technology is designed to make life easier, and home technology is the epitome of everyday life being made easy. The best part? There really is a home technology device for every kind of home – whether you want the completely interactive experience, or just a convenient connectivity device for media. Google really does have it all worked out.


Realistically, not everyone wants (or is ready) to embrace the idea of bringing technology into the home, and that is okay. For those who do not see the point or the merit in having a fully-immersive, entirely interconnected smart home technology system, but rather a device that syncs their media seamlessly, there is Google Chromecast. The Chromecast takes a few minutes to set up, and then creates a network from which you can sync your media – whether it be music from your smartphone, Netflix from your laptop, or even photos from your tablet – to your television screen, all with the click of a single button.

Home Mini

For some people, there is some comfort in knowing that organisation is taking care of automatically. It makes people feel more comfortable and relaxed. The Google Home Mini is the epitome of organisation, and it comes in a neat little package as well. The Home Mini is a smaller version of Google’s Home device (and is even smaller again in comparison with Home Max), and answers questions, sets timers and alarms for you, plays music, and can control a set number of smart home devices (like Hue lights), effectively semi-linking the home’s smart technology to create a virtual network of connectivity that carries across seamlessly throughout the home.

The Home Hub

For the really tech-savvy people, Google Home Hub is the king of home technology, and what is more is that it is aesthetically minimalistic and sleek, taking on the appearance of a digital photo frame/thin screen. This is Google’s first own-brand smart tech display device – it comes Google Assistant, a digital photo frame, and the most advanced smart home control, creating a perfectly packaged smart home assistance model. The Home Hub can control lights, media, broadcast, thermostats, and cameras, as well as being used to read or watch media and set timers and reminders.